katie palmer moore

The Wandering American


As a 30 something woman who enjoys life, I’m always looking for the next adventure and challenge. I live life by the motto of “life is meant to be lived not spectated”. I feel as though so many people spectate life and don’t really truly get to experience it and all of it’s random surprises and I don’t want to fall into that category. I have two very spoiled but awesome dogs. They keep me sane and make me insane at the same time. Having grown up on a farm in Southern Iowa, I gained a lot of respect for hard work and an ever growing love for animals of all kinds. In my 20’s I bounced back and forth from California to New Jersey finally settling in St Louis MO where I lived with my husband and best friend. I was fortunate enough to have him drag my ass all the way to Switzerland to experience what life is like in Europe. Though Switzerland was beautiful, it was not the European country for me so me and the boys moved back to St Louis. I love a physical challenge so much that I’m training for my first (and maybe my only) full Ironman while still trying to manage work and a social life. So far I have been able to manage. Here’s to yet another journey and chapter in my book called life. Cheers!

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