Packing- it is never fun. In this situation it is even worse. Since my husband used the air container for his belongings when he moved back in July, all I have is the ocean container which means ALL of my stuff will be locked up until it arrives and we have a permanent place to live. That means 3 months!! How do you choose what clothes, shoes, belts, purses, coats, etc. that you will need until you get the rest of your belongings?  What a daunting and depressing task UNLESS you get creative. For Christmas this past year my mother gave me Ziplock Space Bags. Having no idea why or what I was going to do with them, I buried them away in my basement. As I stand looking at my 2 closets full of clothes wondering how I was going to choose which to take with me and which will go by ocean, I had an eureka moment. SPACE BAGS! I would be making one more trip to Switzerland before I moved their officially so this was now a matter of what do I take on this trip vs what do I pack for the next 3 months of my life. With 4 different suitcases packed to the brim (the big one was 67 lbs, the second was 62 lbs, the third was 47 lbs and the little one was carry on so it wasn’t that heavy) I made my way. Unpacking was worse than packing but here is what they looked like in the suitcase and then unpacked. There are few things missing from the pile picture- 4 feather pillows (yes Space Bagged too) and a bag that contained some of my husbands clothes. Not too shabby if you ask me. I unfortunately did not get pictures the second set of suitcases I brought with the official move but the big one had all of my shoes, Crossfit bag with all my gear and books- it weighed 82 lbs! The second biggest one contained the remainder of my clothes and weighed 62 lbs and the little one again was carry one so it wasn’t that heavy. Needless to say ALL of my clothes, shoes, and coats came with me and are not in the middle of the ocean some where! Long story short, if you need to move clothing Space Bags are the way to go!! Big thanks to my wonderful mother for her random gift that was priceless.