Vacation time!! This week I traveled to San Diego to see friends and celebrate JD’s 32nd birthday. Knowing how hard it might be to maintain a tight schedule while there, (let’s be honest, it’s hard for me to keep a tight schedule in general) I hit the gym hard the first half of the week. I even managed to do Crossfit Thursday morning before I flew out with the intention of doing a quick run when I arrived since that was the prescribed work out for the day.

Upon my arrival I went over to a good friends house to hang out and wait until JD got into town so we could check into our airbnb. Not having seen her in a long time, I decided to have a couple of beers instead of going for a run. No she did not influence me that way, she was all for me running. I convinced myself (this doesn’t take much to do) that since I did Crossfit, I can spare the run and enjoy my time with her since it had been years since I’d seen her. This is where it all began.

Jen and I 

Couple beers in I had to go get JD from the airport. Since he had been up for 24 hours and traveling for about 12 of those, we checked into the airbnb for him to shower then straight to the bar to wait for our friends to meet us for dinner. I didn’t want him to get too comfortable or he would have just passed out on me. I moved from beers to wine then to bourbon before moving back to wine and then came the shots of rum. At one point I even had a couple drags of cigarettes. No I’m not a smoker but sometimes when you are drunk, bad ideas sound like a good ones. The perfect storm for a completely shity hangover but you never consider that in the moment.


Friday morning with my alarm set to go to a spin class at 7am, I couldn’t face the day. I could barely move, let alone think about driving to a place to get on a bike to do an hour spin and drive back. The bathroom seemed like a long enough voyage and it was right next door to the bedroom. Thinking it might make me feel better, JD took me out for breakfast. I ordered a chorizo omelette with all the fixings and a side of hashbrowns. It was all I could do to choke down the toast. The rest of the food would have to be taken back as leftovers. Once back into the room (mind you this day is JD’s actual birthday), I crawl back into bed and slept. After a couple of hours of sleep I realized that he wanted to go for a hike and I needed to suck it up and get out of bed.

We made the 30 minute drive to Santee to climb Cowles Mountain. It was a great day for a hike and I’m so glad I managed the energy to do it. Another thing that he wanted to do while we were in San Diego was to go to Green Flash Brewery since they were closed the last time we were there. We headed to the brewery for some food and post hike beers.

Our 5 mile hike. Not too shabby


Our celebratory beers at Green Flash! 



Even though I was so fucking hungover, it was no excuse to get out and do something physical even if it wasn’t in my training program. Sometimes you need to just do something active and move. I did pretty good the rest of the weekend so I can’t be too hard on myself for my minor hiccup.