This was a big week. I had a lot of events happening so I knew I had to manage my time for training. Monday….since I had the 80+ mile bike ride on Sunday, I decided to just do a light swim. I was tired and didn’t feel strong so I only managed a little over a mile. Not great but considering my workout the day before it was to be expected.

This was the first week of my new training program (started 18ish weeks ago) that I have had scheduled back to back work outs. Now to be fair, I lift almost every day during the week so I do 2 a days every day during the week but this is now bringing training back to back so that means other things have to give. I did an hour 20 run backed with a 2 mile (1:15 hours) swim. I feel like every work out wipes me out a little bit more each time. It’s not the volume that gets me, I think it is doing it after a long day and just being exhausted from that then having to do 2-3 hours of training. Usually on my long bike rides, it is the only thing I do that day so it makes them more manageable. Oh the woes of training.

I kept on track through out the week because I had a busy Thursday-Sunday a head of me. I had an hour 20 bike ride on Thursday but I also had the Neil Young concert AND it was storming really hard so best bet was indoor training. After finished my ride we headed to the concert. It was an amazing show. He is such a great story teller and he did the whole show solo. It was great!


Friday was another exciting evening. For the first time in all my life, I got to experience something that I didn’t ever think might happen- well basically because I actually never thought about it. A group of us went to MIDGET WRESTLING! How fucking cool is that??

image3 (6)                                                     image2 (15)                                                       image1 (24)

This seriously made my year! Kuddos to the Miller’s for suggesting this and buying our tickets for us. I can’t wait to see what next fun outing they come up with!! I even got to take a picture with them which was even better.

Saturday I convinced JD to do a bike ride with me but knowing that there needed to be a reward for completion, I suggested we ride to Fast Eddies (30ish miles away by bike) and have Richie come pick us up so it would be only a one way bike trip. It was super fucking hot. St Louis has been under a heat advisory lately but when you have to train, you have to deal with the heat!

image4 (3)

It was a good week and an awesome way to start my birthday month. Yes I feel like my birthday month should be celebrated. Maybe not every day but damn-it I’m gonna do fun things this month amongst the chaos that is my life.