Since JD and I weren’t able to go to Berlin or Budapest because of Jasper’s (our dog) injury, we decided to a do a weekend trip to Lyon France. It was about a 3ish hour drive for us so it was great for a long weekend. What can I say about this place other than amazing food and a lot of it. We did a little sight seeing but for the most part it was all about the food. We stayed in the SLO Living Hostel ( and it was a pretty great experience. They were every accommodating, the rooms were clean and they had a very nice charcuterie board that was very inexpensive- a nice change from the prices of Switzerland! I didn’t manage to get a picture of that but I did get pictures of the other places where we dined.

Imouto ( European Asian fusion. This place was so good but a pricey. In my opinion, worth the price. Make sure to make a reservation though. They don’t prefer walk-ins.


Sea bass with mushrooms
15621598_10155693429799552_860487150422578757_n (1)
Beef with lentils 








Main course-

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Sea Scallops in a cream sauce paired with truffle mashed potatoes
15578880_10155693429959552_3172417462175579953_n (1)
Beef puree with pan seared peaches










Dessert- unfortunately we ate this so fast that I wasn’t able to get a picture of the before only the after.

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Pistachio bread and cream with ice cream
15590553_10155693430204552_8997824713652952683_n (1)
Flaming apple crisp with handmade whipped cream










Le Pave De St Jean ( sometimes the best things are found by just walking around. We were just walking around when we got hungry and came upon this gem. It was small and packed. We basically sat at a table with two other couples but it was such a  great experience. They were very much French and so friendly. They even shared their wine as well as stories with us. Very local fair!

Andouille sausage with a mustard cream sauce, scalloped potatoes, carrot puree and greens
Roasted duck breast with an orange honey glaze, scalloped potatoes, carrot puree and greens










Best Bagels Lyon Gambetta ( drinking and walking around means munchies. I just wanted a sandwich versus the heavy rich food that we had been eating. Don’t get me wrong it was all good just so heavy. We happened upon this amazing bagel place. The staff was amazing. I wanted my veggies but also protein so I ordered the veggie bagel sandwich and asked for chicken. One of the girls behind the counter said why not add bacon. HELL YES WHY NOT ADD BACON….so I did. They loved having American’s in the store, they even gave me a free abba zabba!

Veggie bagel with chicken and bacon added