I went out last night. Stayed out too long, ate to late, drank too much, slept in too late the next day. Know that story?? Been there done that? I have come to realize that I don’t get a free pass or a day off. I have to do not matter how bad or how tired I feel. A hard lesson learned I must say. I did an hour spin class and the entire time I tried to convince myself how not to work out my swim. Skip the swim you can do it tomorrow…you can make it up later….you have plenty of time. I forced myself not to consider the fact that I have tomorrow. I only have today. I’m here. I’m working out. I don’t have to fight the crowd tomorrow. I’m on schedule. Instead, Step 1. I get off my bike. Step 2. I walk into the locker room. Step 3. I change into my swim wear. Step 4. I actually walk into the pool area. Step 5. I jump into the pool without thinking twice. AND Step 6. I swim for the allotted time I need to for my workout today. This wasn’t an easy task, it was actually super difficult.  This was a complete struggle on how I’m going to get through. This isn’t the first nor the last, this the first of oh so many! This is my daily struggle and I have come to accept and fight it. This struggle will make me better!!! The funny part, this struggle will correlate into so many aspects of my life!