I am thankful for my supportive friends and family, my health, my determination, my dedication and the AMAZING weather we had over the weekend. This is the short list obviously but they are important ones. With Thanksgiving being this week, I knew I needed to adjust my training due the fact holidays screws up gym hours. And how happy I was that I did make the change!! On top of the holiday, I had yet another house guest for the third weekend in a row which I had to take into account their time here in STL and how much time I need to train while they were here. This is a constant struggle with my social life.

Anyway…I digress. Monday instead of lifting, I did a spin class and swam. Tuesday instead of biking/swimming, I ran 5 miles. Wednesday instead of running, I biked and swam again. Thursday instead of biking/swimming, I ran and decided to run outside for the first time since I started training. It was beautiful and the park was perfect. I did run another 5 miles (I was supposed to run for 40 min w/ interval) but I just couldn’t help but get consumed with the perfect morning it was for a late November day! Friday there was a lot to juggling but I convinced my friend to bring his bike down to ride with me. I had a 30 mile ride planned for the day. Because it was yet another gorgeous day, we rode in Forest Park which is about a 5.5 mile loop all of the way around and has a great variety of terrain for training. Of the 6 loops I was planning on making, Brandon (my friend in town) made it about 2 laps on his mountain bike. He was a trooper but I knew finishing 30 miles on that thing would have been pretty rough. Saturday ended up being my rest day which I felt bad for considering I had the whole day to do something like a bike ride or something but I convinced myself to try and enjoy the day off knowing that Sunday was a 7 mile run and 1250 meter swim which I wasn’t particularly looking forward too.

The very end of my 33 mile ride. Couldn’t have asked for a better day to be outside riding!

<<I’m now in this constant fear for stress fracturing bones in my feet due to all the running I am doing. Something my feet haven’t been used to since I was 23>>

Sunday’s run went really well. I wasn’t super fast but I never stopped because I felt I needed to which is good. I felt good in the swim as well but I did almost drown from poor timing on my breathing with the stroke. My life didn’t exactly flash before my eyes. However, I did think- “oh great, the 14 year old lifeguard is going to have to save me and I’m going to look like fucking idiot”. Yes this was very fast thought in the moment. Luckily, I survived yet another swimming session….great success!! Let’s see how week 4 is.