It’s been a loooooong week at work (mind you as of the current moment that I’m writing this it is Tuesday evening so two days…) Today was the day I cheersed myself for making it through when I realized I actually completely failed.

Monday- I slept great but woke up not so refreshed. Why you ask? Let me tell you. I have this guy…….

This little cuddle monster!! This morning (as if I’m still living in Monday) I wake up, made tea, got dressed and grabbed my bag. My hand is on the door knob when I look over and what do I see?? That fucking cuddle monster (and my bed in general) calling my name. I actually took off all my workout clothes, put my pj’s back on, let my tea go cold and gross to crawl back into bed for about an hour. Hind sight I basically sold my soul for a warm bed and a cuddly dog and I sort of regret it but not compeletly. I wasn’t able to work out due to my evening work schedule. Ok I tell myself, just hit hard tomorrow……

Tuesday morning…inner monolog “I slept like absolute shit. I was hot, tired, and grouchy. I’m not going to have a good workout. <lay wide awake for about 20 minute> pissed that I couldn’t get back to sleep decided to just go to the gym (the right decision in the  first damn place) when I realized that I had something due for work so I got up, promised myself I would leave work early and get my workout done, started working at the wee hours to get something done. <seriously not gloating, I fucked up and missed something that I just realized and I was trying to fix the situation before it became a much bigger situation.>> It took me almost all day but I finished in time to leave when my boss needed some help and I ended up working late. Not that I don’t want to, can’t or won’t I’m just kicking myself for not doing a worfkout in the first thing in the morning.

Had already missed my workout and hungry (and had been toying with the idea of going out for dinner) Richie and I decided to go out for burgers. —-something I will stand by. If you are going to have a cheat day make it worth it. If you don’t you will just want to do it more often and give in more often——

Lesson learned- if you don’t make time for yourself even the small moments you miss out on life. Appreciate the small things even it is it next to a dog fart smelling cuddly little personality.