This week has made me question what the hell am I doing. It actually started off sort of bad which set the tone for the rest of the week. Because I had a 4 day weekend, I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm therefore I shut all my alarms off. Come Sunday, two things happened that worked totally against me. The first, I forgot to set my alarms back to what they were the previous week and the second was I got drunk (yes, I drink and I know it is probably¬† not the most beneficial for training but I still enjoy a few glasses of wine to unwind from the day so don’t judge) and probably would have slept through any alarm that I might have set had I remembered.

I missed Crossfit and woke up and a flustered furry which made all of Monday a damn mess. Working out after work would have been an hour row but I was in such a rotten mood so went to a happy place….my sofa with my dogs. Tuesday I did get back at it and got up early to go to a spin class and then a swim afterwards. I was feeling great when I went to work, both of my workouts were done for the day so I was excited about it. As the day progressed, my neck and shoulder started to hurt. Fuck! I pulled a muscle! I couldn’t turn my head. Maybe I slept wrong is what I told myself. Denial is a bitch.

Wednesday I went for a run and my ankles were tight and my arches ached. I made it through but felt it on the back end. The next day my foot hurt so bad it ached and I couldn’t fully put pressure on it. However on the upside, I didn’t injure my neck any further. WONDERFUL!! I have now pulled a muscle in my neck and strained my ankle. Maybe I need a massage or to go to the chiropractor.

Thursday came and I wasn’t able to move much. My ankle and neck both hurt and there was a rash developing on my wrist under my watch due to how much I have been wearing it. Trying to convince myself what I needed to do as a workout with all my impeding ailments, I spoke to JD and he reminded me that I’m in this for the long haul so I need to allow myself to rest. Ok a day of rest it is. Friday came around and again, things hurt. Not nearly as bad as previous days but enough for me to decide to take another day off. Time to call to get a massage!!

Massaaaage, massaaage, oh yes it was that good. So what do you do when you get all loosened and feeling good? Ruin it with a 26 mile bike ride. It was a good bike ride! The pain in my neck was gone but my foot and ankle still hurt. Sunday I was supposed to be a run and a swim. I can walk but I didn’t think a run was something my foot needed. I rowed for an hour and told myself I would still do a swim. However after raking leaves for 2 hours and cleaning all day I was pooped. There is always next week (the words you should never live by when training for something).

Let’s hope next week is a better week!