Christmas was a good one. I ate great food, watched movies all day next to a fire with some of the best company. There are two things I would have liked to change though. The first being that I wasn’t able to work out. Still sore and feeling off  I didn’t want to push it too hard. The second is I spent the better half of the day working trying to get caught up all the while Richie sitting on sofa next to me giving me a hard time about it.

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Tuesday came and I didn’t hit the ground running. What I did hit was the snooze button twice then the off button so that I could sleep for 2 more hours. Having 4 days off from a schedule, sleeping whenever and for as long as need, really did a number on me. Knowing I wasn’t able to work out in the evening, I chalked it up to another day lost. The count 4 days of not training. I will do it tomorrow (famous last words and the worst words ever).

Wednesday came and so did that stupid fucking early alarm I set for myself. Knowing that I would be going to Crossfit and I had some heavier weights to push around and with my recent surgery (all I read is excuses right now coming off my fingers) I decided to just do a run over lunch. Since my boss was out of the office for the day, it is the perfect time for me to go the gym and not feel guilty. Except lunch came and went. My work day flying in front of my face and the level of stress enough to get to me (and it did). It’s work so I won’t go into it since it’s not like I row that damn boat myself. Mentally I was defeated and so I decided that I would just take a moment, a deep breath, a giant swig of wine. Then it hit me, want I needed (beside retail therapy) was a drinking buddy. I instead spent the night with these two lovable beggars.

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Trying to get my steak

Don’t worry I can do it tomorrow……