This week has been a bit of a trying one to say the least. At one point I cried, like a lot, I felt defeated but I also feel accomplished and then got a special delivery that made my weekend exciting. To start my week, Jasper had knee surgery and has a very long 12 weeks of recovery ahead of him. This meant that he was on a pretty strict medicine regimen and couldn’t (and still can’t) walk up and down stairs so I have to carry him every time he needs to go potty. On top of that, work was super crazy busy and I was working long days on little sleep due to Jasper’s schedule. So much going on that I didn’t know how I was going to get through.

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My poor sad man

Despiste all of that, I did managed to be diligent in my training UNTIL…..crossfit. Wednesday was a running day so I decided to hit up crossfit before my run 5.5 mile run. The workout included 60 front squats which I hadn’t done front squats in months. Immediately after my crossfit class, I ran my prescribed mileage. It was a super hard run but also a little brick training so it was a good run and I finished. Less than 10 hours later I did a spin class and a swim. I felt great a little beat up but great. I did everything I was supposed to do plus some then came Friday. I literally couldn’t move. Rolling over in bed hurt so bad. I looked at the crossfit work out and thought yep nope not happening today. I will just focus on my run. As the day progressed, my legs didn’t feel any better. Stairs were torture. Hell I’m not going to lie, going to the bathroom was absolute hell. I couldn’t sit down or stand up it hurt so bad. I didn’t know how I was going to run if I couldn’t even walk. After much internal debate and seeking a professional opinion from my sister-in-law who is nurse, I decided to let my muscles rest. I took a much needed day off.

Earlier in the week I received a package. A very exciting package that I couldn’t open until 5 days later due to my schedule. I received my Wahoo bike trainer!!! Its beautiful and rides so well. I did my first 26 miles on it on Saturday. It was a good workout and I was able to use my bike, the bike I will be competing with. BTW I still am in love with my bike even after 5 years. She has been an amazing therapy tool for me. I’m so happy JD convinced me to buy a road bike.

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This beaut deserves a big picture!