It’s been a very long week but I managed to keep to my training program. I’ve missed moving weights so I’ve decided to incorporate crossfit into my run days during the week. Tuesday was my first day back to crossfit in a while. I will say that 4:30am is too fucking early for anything other than sleep but it felt great to move weights. I love the people I work out with in the morning too. They make 5am worth it for sure. Wednesday came around  and I woke up super hungry but forgot to eat before Crossfit. Afterward I did a 5 mile run. Mid run it started. There were white spots in my vision. Here it comes….a migraine. Maybe if I eat it will be ok. It didn’t go away the entire day. Here’s to hoping it is better tomorrow.

Thursday it was gone but migraines always leave residual headaches. I decided to go for a swim over lunch but my goggles created pressure on my head.  Maybe it was a bad decision to go for a swim. Friday came around and again I made it to Crossfit. I did my 45 minute run afterward. On my way out of the door it happened again…the wavy blurry lines in my vision. FUCK another migraine. This time it was bad, worse than the first one this week. I wore my sunglasses in the office all day because the lights were so bright. I had a dinner that night with a friend and I was miserable. How in the fuck am I going to get through this day? I managed to make it through.

Saturday rolls around and OMG! Migraine #3 for the week and the worst one yet. I could barely move. I went from bed to sofa to bed again. I slept all day in the darkness and quiet. My poor dogs only got let out twice during the day. I don’t know if it was the work outs or if it was stress from work but HOLY FUCK I need next week to better. Please god can next week be better?!?!?