Seems like lately my work life has been such hell. I do realize that work is work and everyone has work stress and frustrations so I’m preaching to the choir I know. One good thing though is that I didn’t have any more cluster migraines this week like I did last. That was a  god send!

Thursday was a such bad day at work. At one point I decided that I had had enough so I stormed to the gym for a run over lunch. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be in a good place mentally to get any benefit or enjoyment out of my run but try I must. I was 3 miles in and feeling much better when all of a sudden my treadmill decided to pause. With much aggressive pushing of the start button and a moment of I’m going to punch this fucking machine (I get my temper from my dad) I couldn’t get it to start back up. FUCK!! Seriously so annoying. I grabbed my shit and went to another machine and continued my run. Insult to injury since I don’t particularly enjoy running on a treadmill and with the stress of work that I had been dealing with, the last thing I wanted to deal with is a broken ass machine. Anyway…. I finished my run and it was awesome! I felt so good. I felt that high….the runners high. The high I hadn’t felt in a really long time. I was ready to finish out my work day.

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Saturday came around and my training for the day was a long run and a swim. I’m a bit behind on my run training so I haven’t been doing the prescribed distance which is OK because realistically I know I won’t actually run the entire 26.2 miles. I decided to do an 8 mile run as my training (the prescribed distance was 11 miles). As I’m starting, this older Asian gentleman, if I had to guess I would say in his 60’s, started running in front of me. I don’t know why I noticed him but I did. He was hoofing it and I was impressed. You go boy!

I made it 6 miles and was feeling good, only 2 more to go I told myself. I hit my goal, my 8 mile mark. Meanwhile the older Asian gentleman had finished his run and walked by and gave me some words of encouragement to keep up the good work. Apparently he had noticed me also when he started his run. Try and do one more mile I thought. Hell yeah 9 miles!! Can I do one more mile? Oh yes I can and I did. I hit 10 miles and realized that only 1 more and I will hit the prescribed mileage for the week. I can do this! At this point I decided that my swim wasn’t going to happen due to time constraints (I haven’t swam consistently in a few weeks) I will do it tomorrow (famous last words). I finished and felt amazing. I haven’t ran, actually ran and not walked, 11 miles in years. I had a great work out and was very happy with my accomplishment. I wonder how much I’m going to pay for that long run in the days to come?

This week I just felt like running!