Following the aftermath of last week’s “recovery,” Monday was a much needed day of rest. Normally I feel bad about my rest days but this was a very welcomed one. With Jasper still in recovery from his surgery, as part of his physical therapy, I walk him twice a day for about 25 minutes each walk. I have learned that these walks also benefit me as they allow me to do something physical that is low impact and really listen to what is going on with my body.

This simple motion of walking slowly actually proved to be harder than it should have been. I felt every step in my hamstring- a sharp pull, the dull pain after. This was not a good or welcomed sign. This meant that I pushed myself too hard and my body needed more time then just one day. I had to make a decision and a hard one. Push through but at lighter pace or use this recovery week as a rest week? I would be losing a whole week worth of training however I still have about 25ish weeks left to go.

I was so tight and I feared I might pull a muscle and then what? It would be all for nothing. Now I’m not saying during this journey I didn’t take time off due to surgery (still pushed myself when I shouldn’t have and paid for it) and took time off because life got in the way but this week was an active choice to not do my runs, bikes, swims or Crossfit. Instead I focused on stretching and doing active recovery so that I don’t hurt myself to the point of no return.

I succumbed to yoga. I will admit that I don’t yoga well. I like to sweat and I like a workout with faster movements and yoga is neither of those things. Now my yoga going friends will say something like, “what about hot yoga?” It doesn’t count in my book. It is still just yoga in a sweltering hot room where if someone farts it accentuates the awful smell (imagine standing in a hot shower when you let one loose. For some reason a hot shower makes the fart smell like death) and you are just stuck there dealing with it for an hour. I know this first hand because I have done hot yoga and experienced such a shitty fate.

But all joking aside taking the week off wasn’t as much as a mental mind fuck as other times. I made the choice to take off versus the time off happening due to elements out of my control. I treated this week like a vacation. I ate, I drank and was merry! Now this is not the perfect example of the dedicated athlete but I will say I did enjoy myself. I ate pulled pork nachos a couple of times, smoked wings, jalapeno poppers, a burger and tots and steak with sweet potato fries. It was an amazing week of food! I didn’t get pictures of all of the deliciousness but I did get a couple.

image2 (5)
Filet done rare, sweet potato fries (no fucking ketchup in my house) and green beans
image1 (14)
Cowboy burger (bacon, pub cheddar- not my favorite cheese- onion rings, lettuce, tomato and bbq sauce with a side of tots

As much as I enjoyed this week off it isn’t something I want to happen again soon or at least for the reasons why it happened. Listen to what your body is telling you. When a rest week is needed, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. It does good for the mind, body and especially the soul.