This is the first week of my new training program. As in life sometimes you need to step back, evaluate, adjust and step back in just to gain a little perspective. I struggled a little this week not with the work out themselves but with the lack thereof. I was used to doing multi-hour workouts most days and now I’m going down to around an hour to an hour and a half worth of work. Yes, I still have a long bike day (roughly 3-4 hours currently) but for the most part they are a fraction of that time. I get really obsessive compulsive when it comes to working out. I think almost to an unhealthy type habit if you can consider working out an unhealthy habit. Let me try to explain.

I’m like the fat kid who LOVES cake. I crave it. I can have a little but once it hits my taste buds I want more. And my pieces go from slivers to massive slices. Once the big ass slice is established, I can’t go back to a fucking sliver. Are you serious? Give it all to me. So that is how it is with working out. I was good with an hour of crossfit. Then I started to incorporate 15-20 minute rowing then added in about 10 minutes of abs. Then I started training for this race and I’m doing 2 hours of running/swimming or biking and still trying to maintain my hour of crossfit. Now that I’m not doing crossfit much and my workouts went to one per day, I feel like that fat kid who actually ate the whole fucking cake. This is going to be an adjusting period for sure.

I do like how this new routine incorporates weight lifting. I use weight lifting loosely here. A lot of body weight and resistance bands is what it calls for. Me being me it will be more like lifting weights than resistance bands but to each their own. I feel that weight training is extremely important and I miss moving weight around. I miss my muscles! For the first time in over 4 years, I do not hold membership to a Crossfit gym. This thought really saddens me as I do love doing it but with the work outs I have, I just haven’t been able to get to a class  and I was sick of paying a fortune for a membership each month that I wasn’t using.

With that being said, a new gym opened up on my building at work. This makes me SO happy because now I can lift weights on my lunch and still only take an hourish lunch (when I swim and run it is like an hour and a half).

YAY I get to get my workouts in AND lift weights. Still no crossfit but at least I have a good foundation where I can do the movements that I miss and love so much. Though I will say I do look like that douche bag in the gym and I really don’t fucking care.

image1 (15).jpeg
Cause you always need a couple of bars to work with.