It’s no secret that I have been having trouble getting my ass to the pool as of late. I don’t find it awesome to just stair at the bottom of a pool for an hour. Unlike biking, swimming puts me to far into my head. If I’m not in a good mental state going into my swim one of two things happens- A. I have a really bad swim and end up feeling worse after not better or B. I’m just not motivate enough to go. Having only swam once in 3-4 weeks and knowing that I REALLY need to train my swimming for this, something had to give. A while ago my girlfriend had bought some waterproof earbuds and mp3 player. She had only used them once but said they worked well for her. Remembering this fact, I began my search for something that was waterproof and played music.

I’m just going to say that Amazon fucking rocks. We all know this but I just want to say it again. I love amazon! Besides earbuds, I also needed some new goggles. Mine are old and foggy and don’t particularly fit well.

There are actually a lot of options out there for different waterproof earbuds. Surprisingly (or maybe only surprising to me) there are a lot of bluetooth options. Now I love me some bluetooth devices but I’m not totally sold on it for this aspect for a couple of reasons. First off, if I’m swimming I don’t want my phone anywhere around water where it could potentially get wet and ruined. Second reason, I don’t trust people at all. I’m not going to get into a pool and swim for a hour or longer and just leave my phone chilling by the side of the pool unattended. That’s just plan crazy to me. Someone WOULD take it because people suck and you can’t trust them.

Side note, if I were back in Switzerland I wouldn’t have an issue leaving my phone unattended by the pool because they don’t break rules. FACT!

The bluetooth option just isn’t an option for me. I found a couple of different mp3 players with earbuds that seemed to be my best bet but there is only 1 issue. You have to have music to put onto the device. I have Spotify so my music isn’t in a formate to where I can just drag and drop. Fuck! On top of purchasing earbuds, I’m gonna have to invest in music now too. Oh well. I settled on the Syryn mp3 player. They seemed to be the best option for me cost wise and from a review perspective. OH and look what they came with?!?! GOGGLES!!

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.29.15 AM

They couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Remembering that I had a thumb drive of French music, I started moving music over to my new mp3 player. The next day I had planned to go swimming!

I get to the pool and I’m feeling good and for the first time I’m actually excited to get my swim on. I get my music going and I jump into the pool. I’m pumped. I start to swim and instantly think French probably wasn’t the best option for music but I’m still trying to learn it so it serves a dual purpose and hey it’s not silence.

Apparently there was swim lessons or something because there were about 40 little kids in the pool. BTW lots of little humans in a pool when I’m swimming grosses me out cause you just know they are peeing the pool. I was 28 minutes into my swim and feeling really good with only about 20 minutes to go when the life guard comes running to the end to of the pool and to my lane. I pull my earbud out and she tells me to get out of the pool ASAP. I jump out like there is a fucking shark in the pool not knowing what is going on. I look around and everyone is standing on the edge looking at the pool. WTF? I ask the life guard what happened but she couldn’t tell me. I look over and there were people brining some machine over to the pool with a hose meanwhile there is another life guard who is fishing something out of the pool.

OMG- did some little kid shit in the pool?! Literally first thought that crossed my mind. I ask how long this would take and they said 30-60 minutes. I had a date to get to so I left. Is this fate telling me that I shouldn’t be swimming?? Hmmmmm…. I get into the locker room and there was a mom with her little kid changing. I asked her if she knew what was going on.

You guessed it. Some little human puked in the pool and they had to fish and clean out the pool. Why are little kids so gross? I wish I had a pool that had lanes that didn’t share a space with little kids. Don’t get me wrong, I do like kids and I’m good with them but they are totally gross. I guess the universe was just telling me that this particular day was not the day for me to do my full swim. Saved by the puke!