Coming back from a very long short whirl wind of a weekend with my family, I actually managed to get a 3 hour bike ride in on Sunday after I got home. It was brutal but I did it. I needed to start my week off right and that meant getting back in the saddle (literally I was in my bike saddle for what felt like a lifetime).

I still struggled with getting my swims in this week (which means they didn’t happen at all) which I need to do probably more than anything. I can rest during the bike ride and the run during my competition but a swim is a lot different. You either swim or drown, there isn’t really an option of just stopping to rest in the middle of a swim. Yes, there is support in the way of kayaks and boats but you still have to finish in order to get out of the water! I need to really figure out how to motivate myself to get my ass to the pool!

I have been really consistent at lifting weights over my lunch and have been feeling the gains! Oh how I have missed muscles and now they are back! I have been still enjoying my intermittent fasting and my smoothie lunch. I’m still doing a lot of research on this as I don’t think I fully know how to optimize the benefits of fasting but I do feel better and surprisingly stronger.  Having not lifted or done crossfit in a while, I’m actually back to the level of lifting that I was when I lived in Switzerland which is less than before I left the States but hey, I’m on my way up!!

The weather has been warming up also so I was able to do an hour run which was 7 miles on Tuesday. This is exciting because my average pace was 8:38 for the entire 7 miles. I personally find this awesome AND I was outside so it made the run so much more enjoyable. Only workout outside this week but at least I was able to get outside for at least one! Looks like that saddle was rode well this week!