Being back to a good physical health (finally) and taking Sunday as a full rest day, I went into my week feeling really good. Sunday was the first rest day I have taken where I didn’t do a damn thing and it was great. I drove back from Iowa and after my Saturday ride I felt like it was a good opportunity to let my body just have a day of nothingness. I am super hard on my body and I need to take better care of myself definitely from that perspective.

Monday I had arranged to run with a girl I met at a trivia. Not knowing how fast she ran (though she mentioned several times that she takes her time) and knowing I had a certain amount of mileage I need to put in, I decided to do a run before I met up with her for our run. Boy, I really do make some shitty decisions sometimes. I ran 4 miles on my own at a quick pace and then another 5 at an easy pace. My hamstrings fucking ached for daaaayyyyyss.

I will be the first to admit (and am EXTREMELY embarrassed by this) that I absolutely suck at stretching before and/or after my workout. I know the importance of this and I try to be better but it is really hard.

Tuesday was a swim day and it went well. I finished faster than I figured I would and I didn’t have any issues. My next swim wouldn’t be for another couple of days and what a difference those days made. I got into the pool and was going at a good pace. I had 3100 yards to complete and I was on track to finishing quickly. Then shit hit the fan. I was mid swim and it hit me. A cramp so awful I almost drowned (not really I’m just being overly dramatic for effect on the situation). Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like a mother fucker for sure. I couldn’t use my leg because my calf had the worst Charley horse ever and my toes looked like I had arthritis in them. This below is an accurate portrayal of what my toes looked like except mine went under my foot instead of over.


I made it to the edge of the pool and decided I was done for the day. Meanwhile, pool side I sit trying to straighten my toes and relax my calf and couldn’t. People probably thought I was having a seizure or something as I was rolling around on the ground curled up in a ball trying to peel my toes away from my body to loosen my calf. Not knowing what to do, I did what everyone now days does, I asked my facebook friends for help. I received a lot of responses and most of them pointed to more magnesium and hydration. Lets hope this helps!