After my not so awesome swim on Thursday, I did a lifting session on Friday and felt the horse that we call Charley coming back into my calves. Knowing I had a run a head of me and the state of my legs I actually decided to not do the run to give my calves a break. I had a three hour ride the next day before my shift at Winlow’s so I figured I would just go home and rest. Saturday morning came and I woke up at 6am to do my ride. I was so tired and so worn down that I decided I would just sleep in a bit longer- like only an hour. I woke up 4 hours later and completely missed my ride but obviously needed the sleep. I didn’t have time to do anything before my shift so I got ready for work and headed out.

Setting up for the event was hot and I was tight. My hamstrings were in knots, my back hurt and my calves were on fire with every step I took. WTF was happening? I made it through my 10 hour shift and I was exhausted. I crashed as soon as I got home and hoped that I wouldn’t wake up feeling a fucking train had hit me.

Sunday I was headed to Hermann for the night with Mr. Wonderful to check out the wineries. I made a conscience decision to just take this time to let my body recover and enjoy myself. So no training for this girl at all this weekend.

image2 (11)

Hermann was a very beautiful place but when it is 95 and 80% humidity, walking around was miserable. Good thing the wine was cold and there was plenty of places to enjoy it. I didn’t think about training once while I was there which is a nice change. Next week I could either be a very rejuvenated or not training is going to hit me hard as fuck. To be continued…..