One of my favorite movies quoted “there are 24 useable hours in every day.” Now with that said, she was on speed to get through all 24 of those hours. I unfortunately don’t have access to that nor would I take it. I don’t need uppers I need downers. That is why I drink. I use this quote because I seriously feel as though I live my live by this.

This week has been a big week for me in regards to “training.” I know that I need to do triathlon races as part of my process. I also feel that if I’m going to get some of these longer rides in I need to sign up for organized rides where I’m not by myself for 4+ hours hating life. I want to be with people for 6+ hours hating life together! It’s all about motivation people.

I think I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about my actual training. Some big wins, I had a GREAT week with regards to swimming. I swam 3 times, a big fucking deal if you ask me, this week. The first- 2000 yards (over a mile but shy of 1.5), the second- 3500 yards (2 miles) and then I managed to get my ass to an open water swim were I swam 2820 yards (1.6 miles) and all with NO cramping! I guess the advice from all my facebook friends, stretching and taking the right supplements really did help. Huge win in my book.

Lets focus on the open water swim for a minute because I don’t really think y’all know (unless you have lived it) what that is like. First off I’m glad I’m doing these outside of a competition because it allows you to freak out without the pressure of something else coming. You see in a competition about the first quarter mile I feel as though I’m drowning. I can’t seem to breath right, my stroke is off, the water is choking, there are people everywhere and all I can do is panic. It is pure chaos around me and all my body can do is not drown. You are probably asking why in the fuck do you do this to yourself. Honestly, I don’t know. I’m dumb. However, after that quarter mile you get into a rhythm. Your breathing evens out,  your stroke gets more consistent and the people start to disperse. This is where you get into your groove. This is when you forget the panic and chaos and this is why you continue to do this shit to yourself.

image1 (22).jpeg
My friend Jeri and I after the swim. She is training for an half ironman. I also know her from crossfit. She is one tough chick!

Ok now lets talk about my “training”. I signed up for a LOT of shit this week. I don’t now why I felt the need to do so all in one week. Apparently I shit money and can spend it like its no big deal (this is totally not the case and I might go broke from doing this god damn thing). I have one busy fucking summer ahead of me. Here is what I signed up for for now.

June 24- 100 mile bike ride
June 30-July 1- a two day biking/camping ride (this will be fun but still part of training)
July 8- A triathlon not quite olympic but longer than a sprint
July 28- Olympic distance tri in Springfield MO
August 19- 100 mile bike ride
September 2- 100 mile bike ride
September 15- A half ironman in Muncie IN (I told myself not to do this but did it anyway)
September 22- 100 mile bike ride
October 14- The main event- Louisville Ironman

This might not seem like a lot but the weekends I haven’t mentioned, I have something going on until pretty much the end of September (so much for breaking up with my damn life huh?). No but seriously, I will be still training those weekends but I do have some fun things planned. Dude it is summer after all so cut me some slack!

Obviously I will keep you all posted on how things go. Oh and BTW- it is almost 2am on 6/24 (remember I have a 100 mile bike ride today) and can’t FUCKING SLEEP. Seriously?! WTF?! There are 24 usable hours in every day and apparently I intend to use them all. I have a feeling this ride is going to be a brutal one. Stay tuned!