This will be one of 2 posts this week. I want to present fun and exciting news before I get into the weekly grind of my training life so here goes.

Coming off a good weekend, I was greeted back to work with some news some good news. Now I will say the last time I came back to work with any news awaiting me about my job was me being laid off so this was sort of surreal experience in which I was having a bit of PTSD because of it. I accepted a new position at work that promoted me to the Payroll and Benefits Manager. Now most of you probably wonder how much different that might be from what I was doing (Sr. Payroll and Benefits Coordinator) but trust me, it’s different!

The day I got back to work was the day after my birthday. Over my lunch I pulled the trigger and bought myself a new tri bike. This is something I have been putting off for years due to the cost but since I have been doing triathlons for years and with my upcoming Ironman, I felt like maybe it was time to get one. After my New Town Triathlon I walked away really feeling as tough buying a bike would be in my best interest so this added to the case. I fought this because a good entry level tri bike is over $2k and I have already spent a fortune on this race that I didn’t want to add that level expense but in the end, I felt like it was best. Another reason I bought a new bike was because a good used bike that I was seeing ranged from $1200-$1900 so for a few hundred more I got a new bike!

I mean when you get a promotion you have celebrate right? Well I my celebrations come at a fucking cost. Not that this is the most expensive bike ever owned but it the most expensive bike I have ever owned and dropped $2200 on it. Trust me, I had buyers remorse all week. She is a very pretty bike so maybe I will keep her. I do feel like I’m cheating on my old trusty. I hope black beauty forgives me.


This will be a short post as you can tell. I want to be able to gloat a bit without the noise of training with all the good things happening.