This week was full of work, work and more work. I did ride on Monday which was Labor Day (mentioned in last week’s post) but with how crazy work has been I only got one training session in on Wednesday which was a 21 mile ride. This bummed me out because I knew the weekend was gonna be hard to get training in. Loufest was happening which was a 2 day music festival that I had tickets for. I did plan on doing something before I headed to the festival but it is hard to plan for unexpected things.

Then I receive this news…….


LOUFEST WAS CANCELLED!?!? I was torn with emotions. I was really sad because there were so many good bands I was looking forward to seeing but I was also relived because this freed up my weekend. It would have been a very expensive weekend and with my half Ironman coming up the next weekend, I could the weekend to relax and prepare.

Because of the tropical storms on the West Coast, the weather was going to be absolute shit in St Louis which I was also excited for. I could use a rainy weekend where there was nothing going on. I’m pretty FOMO (fear of missing out) at times and need the excuse to not feel like I’m missing out on something. The weather was going to be so bad that they even cancelled the MS150. You know its gonna be bad when such a big organized event like that cancels days before in anticipation of bad weather.

With nothing going on this weekend besides work I decided to do an olympic triathlon on my own. It would all have to be inside but at least I would attempt to cover the distance. Saturday I had to accomplish a few things but work was the one most on my mind. I needed to get my triathlon out of the way so that I could get to work because I had some major plans to curl up on the sofa with the dogs, eat pizza and watch movies. Something that I never get to do as of late.

I gave myself 3 hours to accomplish my triathlon because I need to start working at 3pm. I got to the YMCA and it was packed. I took me moment to get into the pool. I did my mile swim and had to rinse and change so that I could get back to my house to get on my trainer for a 23 mile ride. After the ride I had planned to run 6 miles but by the time I was done with my bike, I didn’t have time before I needed to start working so I decided I would do my run on Sunday instead. A swim and bike were still good for days training.

Sunday morning I had plans with my girlfriend Kassie to meet at Egg ( for brunch. I showed up in my workout gear because the plan was to run afterward but instead of 6 miles I was going to do 10 miles and that would be my last run before my 70.3 the next weekend. I had a mimosa waiting for her (you can see where this is going). When she got there we both had a mimosa with our food which was amazing. The bar tender accidentally entered our drinks again in the system so he gave me a free mimosa. Now that I was three mimosas in I had no desire to run and being so close to JD’s place, I showed up at his door and was he surprised to see me. I convinced him to walk to Soulard with me to get some more drinks. Hey at least we were walking. It might not be a 10 mile run but I got 3 mile walk in. That night I went over to my good friend Rafe’s place to watch some Game of Thorns.

My weekend wasn’t what was originally planned but it turned out to be a great weekend. I managed to get some good training in, catch up with some good friends whom I haven’t seen in months, accomplished the work I needed to do and still was able to have sofa time with my boys to relax. Sometimes you just need a rainy weekend in your life to just step back and enjoy the things that we take for granite so often.