The day after my 2.5 mile swim I was scheduled to ride a 100 miles but I wasn’t feeling well so I took the day off and instead rode 50 miles on Labor Day. I had to be at the ride at 6am which means I had to be up no later than 5am since it was a 30 minute drive….that is fucking early for a day off! I will say though, it was a great group to ride with (everyone there was riding the MS150 the next weekend), I was done by 10am AND they had food and booze for FREE at the end of it! Fucking score….I had 4 tamales and a mimosas. (Sorry no pictures for this ride just my GPS)

The rest of my day I had scheduled to meet up with my good friend Richie to smoke meat and play games….oh and yeah I had to work a little bit. Yes work. I started training my back fill and that takes time so I had to some catch up work but it was only for a few hours and I was still hanging out so I guess. I digress. Food and games….

image1 (36)

After working for 3 hours, playing rummikub for a bit and chatting our food was done! We feasted like kings and after a 50 mile bike ride, it was SOOOOO worth the wait!!!

image2 (23)
You are seeing- smoked bacon, corn on the cob, stuffed jalapenos, pork butt and beer can chicken

**This hasn’t been the most exciting week. These two things were the highlight and that is why I posted this but they were good highlights. I actually struggled with this blog post to make it more about my training but seriously my week was a lot of work and a lot of good food so food won. Thanks to Richie and his smoking abilities I had food for days!!

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