This week has been a hard one. After my 100 mile ride I was pretty tired so I took a couple days off. I was pretty sore the day after so obviously a rest day was in order. Monday came and I just wasn’t ready to do anything so I just plain didn’t. I listened to my body and took another day. Sometimes one day just isn’t enough. I also had a really good meal made for me (blacked seared sea scallops with sriracha mayo, pan seared steak with potatoes and a side salad and drinks paired) so I wasn’t super sad missing a workout.

Tuesday I had all intentions of running after work but then it happened. Free tickets from work offered in a drawing for a pre-season Blues game. My girlfriend Abby won the tickets so her and her fiance and JD and I went to the game. No run for me today. Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes you need to just allow it. It was a fun night and I’m glad I was able to go!!

Wednesday I also had all intentions of training but I ended up working super late so by the time I was done with work I was ready to just be done. I went home, had dinner and actually kept working until later that night. Work is my livelihood so it must happen. There is always tomorrow.

Thursday I had a lunch date with Abby to run. Unfortunately her meeting went longer than anticipated so I ran by myself. But hey! I RAN!! I made it almost 7 miles in an hour but I also did it over my lunch which hardly happens these day so I will take it.

Friday I had to work late again so working out wasn’t in the stars but I also had to get some things finished because my Saturday was going to be a long day of working (12-13 hours) my catering job so I was losing a whole day that I needed to not lose. My girlfriend Jess stayed with me so while I worked she watched TV and I listed. It wasn’t a complete loss just not ideal.

Saturday morning we hung out and then I went to work. Like I said it was a long day. I worked from noon until 1am. And not just working but moving and setting up an entire farm event for a bunch of VERY needy people. As we call them FRWP. I will let you try and figure out what that means. There was a lot of drama throughout the night. The decorations were so overbearing that the farm barn where the event was held didn’t look like a barn. Not to mention that the flower centerpieces were so big that family style serving, which was what was supposed to happen, wasn’t happening. Last minute the chef changed it to buffet style which we weren’t ready for. That all said and done, one of our employees ended up getting super wasted to the point that he wasn’t allowed to drive his own vehicle.

It was a fucking shit show if you ask me.

So not my most exciting post but not aspects of life are super exciting. Deal with it, it’s life!