I can’t believe I have only 2 weeks left before my race. This has been so long in the making that the end seemed so far away but here we are. This week has been a good one from a working out perspective. I managed to be consistent and it felt good. This weekend was the last weekend before my race AND my vacation. I had a lot to take care of. My friends Linda and Kevin who just moved to STL wanted to do a bike ride so I agreed. My weekend plan was to do a 30 mile bike with a short run on Saturday and then a 2 mile swim on Sunday. However I still needed to shop for things for my Peru trip, pack for my trip and Ironman, clean my house- like a deep clean and get my house ready for me to be gone for 2.5 weeks.

I had an impromptu massage and also a work happy hour with my new team. With me leaving for almost a half month, work has been crazy (apparently I like crazy) trying to tie up loose ends. I can only imagine next week will. be worse.

Saturday I ended up with a long 50 mile bike ride, a lunch out (cause let’s be honest you are super fucking hungry after 50 miles) and then did a bunch of home things that needed to happen. No run happened because during lunch it down poured and we ended up staying longer than anticipated and I was over the workout by that point. Not to mention I did an extra 20 miles so I think that gives me a free pass.

I went home knowing that I needed to do house work and I wasn’t excited about that. Though I will be honest, I have a robot vacuum and his name is Rufus. He’s super dumb (he never finds his dock and always gets stuck) but he is SUCH a hard worker. He will work so hard that his battery will run out before he understands whats going on. I will take it cause that means I don’t have to vacuum!

So a minor/major detail that I have neglected to talk about was that when I signed up for this race, I also purchased a trip to Peru to go backpacking in the Andes shortly there after. When I say shortly I am meaning less than 48 hours. There will be more posts on that so lets get back to the main event. This means I have to be ready for both things a week plus before they even happen.

Back to the bike ride for a quick wrap up. The bike ride was good. There were a lot of obstacles but we managed to make it and I was able to show some newbies to the area a good trail to take if they want to bike. This would be my last big ride (and come to find out my last ride in general) until my big day.

Next week is the taper week and carb loading (aka eating as much shit as you can during the week). This is also known as the best week of training!