You have to put in the time even if they are shit miles. Shit miles account for a lot so do them.- Drew Phillips

If you miss a work out don’t beat yourself up. It will happen. – Some random guy from a triathlon

Just have fun when it comes to race day. It’s what you have worked so hard for. – Same random guy from a triathlon

Your best day shouldn’t be during training, it should be during your race.- Janet Johnson

Try and find at least one thing to enjoy when you do your triathlons. It will make it more memorable and fun.- Lisa Payne

You have to find the like in everything you do even if you don’t always like it.- A candidate that I interviewed

A year is a long time to be mentally invested in an Ironman. That is the true struggle.- Janet Johnson

Experience is subjective. – Humans TV show (but hey its relevant)

This is your journey and if you don’t finish the race it is still your path you needed to travel- Michael Sorsen

Make sure that the gear you are using for the race isn’t used for the first time during the race- multiple people

Tapering is the best part of training- Linda Wesoloski

The truly amazing people who do this are the people who do 16+ hours of work during this race. That’s a long time to keep going.- An Ironman competitive athlete

One stroke, one pedal, one step at a time…will get you to the finish line! Lisa Payne

Enjoy the experience, smile alot, and thank all the volunteers … they are a big part of your day. YOU ARE READY!!!!  You’ve done the work. You’ve dreamt about this day. Everything you have done in your life has prepared you for this weekend! Savor and enjoy every moment, for this weekend, you do what most people only dream of. YOU are the inspiration now so get out there and enjoy the day! Carrie Matczynski

I have read this page so many times. Everytime I added a new quote or peace of advice, I would read all the previous ones. I actually even got to the point of repeating these as I did my training and even during the race. I’m so happy for all the support I received. It really did help me through one of the hardest mentally and physically things I ever had to do and guess what??? I smiled through it because I did pay for it AND the volunteers/spectators kicked ass and made a shitty day so much better!