I once had a friend tell me that she shit’s $20 bills. I wish that I did that. I would gladly dig in the toilet for those!!

When I signed up for my Ironman I did it for a purpose though I was only looking as far as the end of my nose. I signed up thinking that I would figure out the rest as I went. Boy was there a lot to figure out along the way.

I look back at the last year and holy cow what growth I have made. I have spent more money on recreational things than I ever have. I have ran, bike and swam more that I probably have combined in my life but man what a journey. Just to give you a perspective (in case you want to try this for yourself or were just wondering) I have included the miles I covered and the money this journey has consumed.

I will say that the journey is what I was looking for not necessarily the race. The race was a bucket list and a bonus to do. This journey has been life changing. It has changed me as a person and pushed me to the limits that I never thought I would ever go and for that I’m grateful.

Running (in miles):
Nov 17- 63
Dec 17- 29
Jan 18- 41.5
Feb 18- 49
Mar 18- 41
Apr 18- 43.8
May 18- 55
June 18- 41
July 18- 50
August 18- 14.2
September 18- 37.6
October 18- 29.3

Total Miles Ran 494.4

Biking (in miles):
Oct 17- 65
Nov 17- 79
Dec 17- 72
Jan 18- 108
Feb 18- 194.16
Mar 18- 199.89
Apr 18- 271.33
May 18- 367.6
Jun 18- 238
July 18- 330.14
August 18- 189.82
September 18-  288.67
October 18- 188.08

Total Miles Biked- 2591.69

Swimming (in miles):
Nov 17- 7.3
Dec 17-  7.6
Jan 18-  5.4
Feb 18- 6.3
Mar 18- 4.3
Apr 18- 2.2
May 18- 8
June 18- 11
July 18- 7.15
August 18- 1.72
September 18- 5.34
October 18- 2.95

Total Miles Swam- 69.26

I will say that I did slack during my journey so if I had been more diligent in my training I know these numbers would be higher. This, however, are the numbers of a person who has a bit of a life outside of training and who has work obligations so with that said, training suffered a bit. Hey but I finished anyway. You can do anything you put your mind to even if your body doesn’t want to. Trust me, my body fought me a LOT during my race but mental power won and succeeded!

I never anticipated the amount of money something like this would cost. Please keep in mind that most people have a coach which I have heard to rang from $130-$200 per month. With that said, the average person will spend $1980 in having a coach. This is not figured into my spend because well I didn’t do it. I did not pay for one which might be a negative but I don’t have the cash to do that so I’m doing the best I can.

Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri- $33
New Town Tri- $108
Springfield Olympic Tri- $117
Muncie IN Half Ironman- $235
Ironman Louisville Registration- $925

Total cost in triathlons: $1418

Bike Rides:
Birthday Bridge Bash Century Bike Ride- $23
Bike for Heroes Bike ride- $40
Bottleneck Bridge Century Bike Ride- $13
Giro Della Montagna Century Bike Ride- $21
Ride the Rivers Century Bike Ride- $63

Total cost in bike rides: $160

Airbnb for Springfield Tri- $135
Airbnb for Muncie- $173
Airbnb for Louisville- $560

Total cost for accommodations for the triathlons: $868

Self Care:
Monthly massages (thru 10/16)$1070
Chiropractor (thru 6/25)- $80

Total cost of self care: $1150

Wahoo indoor trainer- $600
Open water swim session- $115
Treadmill- $100

Total cost of training: $815

Waterproof headphones- $60
Bike Helmet- $25
UV protection leg & arm skins- $68
Body lube (for my wet suit)- $10
Bike fitting/adjustment- $160
Triathlon race outfit- $245
Running gear- $225
New Tri Bike- $2588
Wetsuite rental- $75

Due to weather accessories:
Jacket- $60
Socks- $45
Gloves- $17
Warm head gear- $45
Pants- $45

Total cost of accessories/gear: $3668

Complete cost for all items: $8079

Life lessons learned over the last year: PRICELESS

I now can buy the 140.6 sticker and get an official Ironman tattoo. I have joined the club and it feels fucking great!!

What the hell am I going to blog about now????