It’s not a lie that I have missed lifting weights. I talked about this constantly during my training. Due to my Ironman training I did a whole lot of cardio and very little weights the last 5 months of my training. I tried so hard to keep up my weight lifting but it was just to much.

I will say my heart and lungs haven’t been healthier in my life but my body…well it isn’t what I would say is awesome. When I (I being the key word here) do just cardio I get layers on my body that I wish weren’t there. For those of you who are new to the my blog, I trained for an ironman which equates to about 25 hours of cardio a week. It isn’t the lack of working out, it’s the lack of what my body not responding to that type of workout.

Now I’m not saying I’m fat. That isn’t it at all. I’m just saying I don’t like the way I look when all I have done is cardio. I miss my muscles, I miss the definition, I miss my weight lifter bod. Having done nothing but cardio for many months, this is what I’m stuck with.

I have gone back to crossfit now that I have nothing to train for. I have started off slow as I know I would kill myself and be sore as fuck therefore not being able to work out. I have also started working out with a couple of my co-workers a couple of times a week. I’m hoping that I can get back to where I was but I’m worried that it will take me longer than I want due to the fact of my age. Being 36 hasn’t been bad other than it is harder to get where you need to be physically. Stand by. I will be posting updates.