JD and I decided in December that we need to reset our systems. We definitely drank WAY to much in 2020 and figured we could take the month of January off. One of my girlfriends, who does dry January each year, said that Dry January doesn’t start until the 4th. That I can handle. Not only no alcohol, we both are trying to be active each day no matter how that looks. I have a standing personal training at 5:15pm each night just to eat up some time in the evening so we aren’t thinking about drinking.

The last time I took a week off drinking, each day was a super struggle not reaching for a glass of wine. I worried about how I would manage an entire month. I was very committed to this so I mentally prepared myself that there were going to be some hard moments and even harder ones.

Monday night was my first night without any alcohol. Typically what happens is I sleep like shit and sweat my ass off waking up in a very foul mood. I didn’t sleep great however, I didn’t sweat my ass off. I know I slept as I had dreams though I know it was a very light sleep, I woke up to any and everything. I even peed 3 times throughout the night. I didn’t wake up in a mood which was a nice change.

Tuesday night was a little better. I still had a hard time getting to sleep though not as bad as Monday. When I was able to get to sleep, I kept kicking and twitching so hard that it kept waking me up. It must have been a very active sleep session.

Wednesday night was even better yet. Upon laying down and starting to relax, my muscles twitched all over. It was like my eye was twitching but all over my body. I was able to get into a deeper sleep however, I woke up to what felt like someone dropping me on my bed. The last couple of days with me kicking and twitching, it reminded me of those paranormal movies where the spirit drags the person down the bed. Like I literally convinced myself of that.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. I drank my hot tea (convincing myself it had bourbon in it) and my soda water (convincing myself it had vodka in it). Hey, however you need to get through it is my motto. The hardest hour of the day is 4pm. I want to start drinking and I can’t.

Friday was a hard day. I was so ready for my drink after work but instead, I went out to the gym and worked out. I took a shower after just to eat up some time in the evening before meeting up with JD for dinner. He was traveling on Saturday early morning so I went home and went to bed. Who is this person?

Saturday I was supposed to have a guy come deep clean my house. There was a misunderstanding and he wasn’t coming. I was really banking on him coming as my floors were so dirty. With him not coming, I rolled up my sleeves and went to town. I even washed all the curtains in my house. I was so productive and felt so accomplished. No booze and no JD= no distractions!

Sunday I had only a couple of loads of laundry to do and with my house clean, I needed to figure out something. Typically JD and I go out for lunch and then start a Sunday Funday. Knowing I couldn’t do that, I decided to paint my bathroom and finish some home projects that were well over a year old.

Consensus of my first week sober? I am very happy with everything. I feel sharper, less grouchy, more productive and over all generally happy. Now will I continue past the month? I will drink within moderation. I do love socially drinking and enjoying a glass while watching tv by the fire. It is just a matter of self control.