It’s been a rough go this past week. After a week of having an injured finger, it legitimately wasn’t getting any better from the pain level, bruising, swelling and motion perspective. So I guess…. all the way around. I took ibuprofen every 6 hours for the entire week which reeked havoc on my stomach and I paid for. With all things considered, I decided it was time for urgent care.

The one thing I was super nervous it might be was a shattered knuckle. I don’t know what that means from a healing perspective but all I see in my mind’s eye is a bone fused finger that is of no use. Which is sort of my situation currently with a splint on my finger. When I type on my iPad key board, its too close to the screen that my now extra long and extremely straight middle hits the touch screen. Talk about a fucking pain. My curser can be anywhere on the page as I’m typing.

Yes, I usually go to worst case scenarios cause anything else is like a win. I found out that not only is my finger dislocated, it is also fractured which requires surgery. The surgeon scolded me for waiting to long.

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: If you injure yourself where there is any possibility of a fracture or break and if it isn’t better after a couple of days, GO TO THE DOCTOR! Apparently your bones are “sticky” or starting to fuse/health and its harder to correct after 8 days. At the time of my surgery, I’m now on day 11 and we will see if they have to re-injure it to fit it.

Here is my x-ray. The red circle is the fracture. It doesn’t look that bad here though the surgeon told me that on the back side of the bone is the worst and the reasons for the pins. This angle shows the dislocation the best.


I was anxious about my coaches feedback. The gains/losses and recomposition aren’t that apparent to me but she saw changes and praised me for it (as she should cause I am paying her)! My word press is being super stupid and not allowing me to paste and its too long to type with a bum hand so you will just have to take my word for it.

She moved me to the high fat/low carb diet which is the one I prefer from a taste perspective but it is a little harder from a macro perspective for me right now. I don’t eat a lot fatty things outside of avocado though I even limit that a bit. I will figure it out eventually.

She did say I was lifting to lightly. With that, I responded with- “I’m pretty accident prone and therefore wanted to get comfortable with the movements and ensure I’m doing them correctly before I plate up.” True statement on the backend of a walking disaster. I did let her know that I haven’t worked out in a week and have had no appetite due to the pain and pain meds I’m on. I am hoping to be back at it (whatever that looks like these days) next week.

I’m hoping I can get pictures of the surgery though Im not sure if that is a weird ask. If not, I will take a picture of my finger post op for you all to see. This training journey has thus far been an interesting one to say the least.

Stay safe and be kind to one another out there!