This week marks my first check-in with my coach. In all of the instructions, they mention not to worrying about the number on the scale, though I have to weigh in every day. One day I’m at 133.6, the next I’m at 131 and the next I’m back up to 133. I have been doing what I’m supposed to so I hope she sees something that I don’t during this check-in!

Today’s measurements are as follows:
Chest 36″
Waist 29.5″
Hips 37.5″

Measurements from last week:
Chest 36”
Waist 29.75”
Hips 38”

I also had to upload new pictures of myself so here those are. I don’t see much difference though JD said he could tell in my waist.

Being pasty as all get out, I have a big definition disadvantage to darker skinned people. My muscles don’t pop like they do on darker skin. I have embraced this fact about me and now it is completely working against me. That is what spray tan is for!

In last week’s post, I mentioned that we were entertaining guests and to stay tuned. It was a great time catching up with our friends and much needed! From a food perspective, snacks consisted of a veggie tray, hummus, and sweet potato/corn crackers and dinner was turkey and sausage tacos. Were I went wrong was the booze. Yes, I had drinks. Do I feel guilty about it? Not really. I made the conscience decision to do it so therefore I live with my choices- right, wrong or indifferent. I will say, one night of a few drinks reminded me how bad alcohol is for you. It was a good reinforcement if nothing else. I don’t plan on cheating often however, some times the occasion calls for it and if done responsibly it shouldn’t completely derail what I’m doing. It was a total bummer telling my coach that I did drink but hey, I’m only human!

I’ve been trying to incorporate walking Penny and Khaleesi about 2 miles every other day. Monday I was on a walk and noticed a mom pushing a stroller and a little boy walking in front. Knowing Penny’s past with young children especially in an heightened environment, we moved to the road to let them pass. All went well until I went to get back up on the curb to walk on the side walk. I didn’t step up high enough and the toe of my shoe caught. I fell to the ground on my right side what didn’t seem to be all that hard of a fall. Walking a little bit further, my hand started to swell. I had either broke some bones or sprained the fuck out of my fingers. The day after was the absolute worst from a straight up pain perspective. It was tight as a tick and so tender.

Shortly after it happened and I was home.

This was Tuesday afternoon. By the end of the night it was even worse. I did not take pictures of that.
I now have a splint for my middle finger and the pointer and ring finger are feeling a lot better though I still can’t put a lot of pressure downward. I have still managed to get my workouts in however, they aren’t the best and my hand hurts like sin afterword. JD will contest that I am one of the clumsiest people to the point that even my chiropractor told me I need more balance in my life. Oy Vie!

Next week I will update you all on my coach’s feedback. We are also going to an all inclusive baseball game Saturday so lets see how this goes! Until next time- GO CARDS!