I know how I like to procrastinate so I wanted to be on my game for this race. Yes, I have a year until it actually happens. And yes, most trainings are within 6-4 months of race day but I want to be prepared. I want to work my way up instead of breaking up with my life altogether and just jump face first so what do you do? Look towards the internet. Without vail, I have not found any 52 week training programs and god forbid there is anything real substantial about nutrition. So here I go into the training abyss. I do have a coach that I can reach out to and she has not only done many Ironman’s of her own but she is certified as well. I did reach out to her and she advised a couple of things. 1. It is never to early to start training (again most training programs are 4-6 months because of burnout), 2. buy an indoor trainer. The one she suggests is the Wahoo Kickr that has a nice price tag of $1200, 3. Train nutrition for race day. This means while I’m training eat goo’s and blocks and drink gatorade…stuff they will have on the course. Apparently there is a list of this stuff thank goodness however what about leading up to that day? 4. Consider a tri-bike because of the positioning of the body it saves on your legs.

Ok, I have been watching a LOT of videos of Ironman’s and all the new people who have never done one before have triathlon bikes. This is my like 7 triathlon maybe I should invest in a bike that is built for the sport??! Maybe?? Any way, that will be $3000 later not to mention a $150 monthly bill to have a trainer. I get understand and appreciate it all but I’m CHEAP AS HELL so I need a better solution to these problems.

The way I’m thinking right now is do my Ironman on my road bike. Suck it up and just deal with it so that I can get a decent (not the most expensive) trainer that will allow me to have time in my current bike’s saddle and if I decide to continue doing triathlons then I will buy a tri-bike.

As for nutrition, I was told 55% carbs and 40% protein which means 5% of everything else. I love food and love a good food challenge. Tonights dinner was a bacon wrapped filet with a side of stuffed olives and squash and apple mixture. I guess the carbs are in the wine I had as a side 😉