The work outs

I made it through my first week of training and man did it feel long. I know I’m not old but 35 sure does feel a lot different than 33 (the age I was when I did my half Ironman) in terms of energy, sleep and recovery.

I started off strong, Monday and Tuesday were great then Wednesday came and it was time for the run. The last time I ran was back in April and I ran 10 miles. The aftermath of that run made me not interested in running but at this point I have no choice. Not training for the run is not an option. I was supposed to do an easy 5 miles (cause 5 miles is so easy when you haven’t ran in forever) but due to the time frame of my last run I opt’d for a 5k (3.12 miles) instead. Though I felt great during and shortly after the run, it took the most out of me of all the work outs I had done so far during the week. Come Thursday morning when I was supposed to be rolling out of bed to do a 5:15am spin class, I pressed snooze and kept pressing snooze until I decided to shut my alarm off and sleep in until about 7am. My punishment for not going, I had to swim an hour which ended up being about a mile and a half. Not that this was hard to do but it just had been a while since I have been in the pool also. I wasn’t upset that I didn’t make it on the bike as I know I will have days like that and I want to listen to my body (within reason cause my body tells me to sleep in every morning) because I don’t want to exhaust or injure myself this early in the game.

Friday I was back at it. Got up and made it to crossfit and instead of the Friday after work happy hour, I went to the gym and did a 40 minute run. At this point my hips, legs and feet are so tight from all of the work they are doing that even sitting on my plush sofa hurt. Laying in bed though was not a problem.

Waking up on Saturday to no alarm (just a little dog who doesn’t know how to effing sleep in) was a much needed break from the daily weekly grind. I was a bit stiff and sore but not to the point where I couldn’t move. My feet muscles were not happy and cramping was setting in (hence the picture of me rolling my feet out on a foam roller). Brandi and I decided to do a 6 mile walk around the park to get outside and move around. Yes I make my guest work out with me. I was supposed to do a 25 mile bike but considering having a guest, the weather outside and the fact that I don’t have an indoor bike trainer yet, the bike didn’t happen.

We treated ourselves to some taco’s and libations after our walk then home to relax and relax I did. I ended up passing out earlish on the sofa leaving my sister in law to entertain herself. Don’t know if she will want to come back this house anytime soon but a good weekend none the less.

Sunday after Brandi left I had to get moving. I managed a 6 mile run with a 1200 yard swim right after. Tired but not completely exhausted, I showered and met a friend out for a drink and some live music. A good way to end a long week.


Nutrition is probably the hardest for me. Monitoring what I eat and how often isn’t easy. I eat clean (a lot of whole food without a lot of additives) and when I’m hungry but when you are training for something like this, you have to be diligent on how many carbs, proteins, fats, etc., that you are taking in. I now have a food diary to keep track. This week I have been over my fat intake a ton. I can’t seem to hit my protein or carb marker. My Garmin syncs to my fitness pal which is where I track all my food. The burned calories from my work out get added on to what I can consume and I just don’t have the desire to eat 3000 calories a day. Trust me, I have tired and I have failed. Now I will say, probably easier done if I was eating and drinking out but making food at home is a different story.

TMI- I don’t know if this is a thing but my bowel movements have not been as regular as normal. I don’t know if it is the amount of work I’m doing, the foods I’m consuming or just straight up in my head but it is annoying. Yes boys- girls poop too….