This week has been a difficult one. Not from exhaustion due to working out but from a balancing perspective. I had to travel for work and though I had every intention of working out while on the road, it was not in stars. The hotels had gyms but they lacked major luster and didn’t open early enough for me to use them. Naturally I would try to counter balance this with my diet but again, not so easy when you are traveling. Donuts every morning (which I don’t eat at all), fried pickles (ate to many of these awesome bad boys) and BBQ (great protein until you add the BBQ and white sauce next to the potato salad and baked beans). Late night meals and early mornings without nutritional balance make for difficult happenings.

I make it sound like I missed the whole week due to traveling when in reality, I’m speaking of one day of working out missed while working on the road. I did however have almost 2 and a half days worth of meals eating out but I managed to plan my work outs early in the week to account for traveling and worked out when I got back. It is truly amazing how much I physically felt missing that one work out though. I was sore from not moving, my knees were achy from sitting down so much. My ass felt like it was growing by the second from the lack of consistency in food. I have friends who actually travel for a living and train for one of these. Hats off to them because I was completely lost. Though I will say the best part of traveling (other than getting to know my boss and co-worker so much better) was taking the company’s private jet.

On top of traveling, when I got home I had guests- my mom and aunt- for the weekend. Saturday when I woke up I had to face the fact that I had to get on the bike. Something that I wasn’t quiet ready for. My sofa, pajamas, and tea in hand were just way to comfortable for the idea of a hard bike seat. I had it stuck in my mind that I would get back at it on Sunday but my Aunt refused to let me sit on my ass and not do something physical. I didn’t make it on the bike but I did manage to row for almost an hour which is better than what I was doing and had planned. Thanks Aunt Cindy for the push!!

Sunday I made it to the gym. I was supposed to run 6 miles and swim 1000 meters during my run I had a long hard talk with myself of the next weeks training considering it was going to be Thanksgiving and I had yet another guest in town. I opted to not swim since I was changing my schedule this was a bit of an off week.






image1 (1)
This was my first meal of our work trip and worth mentioning. It was at the Rail Yard in Decatur AL. It was a bacon wrapped, chorizo stuffed quail with a side of sweet yellow corn grits and broccolini. 
image1 (2).jpeg
This was my final meal with my mom and aunt at Tucker’s place in Soulard, STL MO. It was a 16 oz bone in medium rare ribeye with a loaded backed potato. 

It’s weeks like these that make me realize that I have to be a bit more diligent and dedicated even among the chaos because that is life . I could have eaten better for sure (though the two pictures you see are of meals that aren’t bad. It’s the fried pickles and fried bologna with cheese sandwich that you don’t see). I should have forced myself on that bike. I could have done something in my room that one day I missed but I also realize that I can’t be so hard on myself for the small set backs because it those moments that also make life what it is and worth living.

There is always next week!!