This week has been a week full of fun experiences and great company. I knew it was going to be a busy end of the week and not so productive so I made damn sure to get ALL my workouts in and boy did I kick some ass! Every day was as prescribed plus some. I guess I just need a little motivation to get my ass in gear to finish my work outs so I could reward myself. #motivationalevents

I will start this off with this is my first time ever going to an opening day and I got to go to one with a HUGE baseball following. Of all the places I have lived, St Louis is the only place I have adopted the baseball team as “my team”. My wonderful girlfriend Jess got us tickets and not just tickets but green seat tickets. In case you don’t know what that means, they are all inclusive so unlimited booze (which we took full advantage of) and food (which we definitely needed after all the booze). We were right behind home plate and in the third row. The people around us were amazing so we made some awesome friends. We were on TV every time someone came up to bat so basically the whole damn game. Just great because we were stuffing our faces with food and ordering booze constantly.

image3 (3)
Meeting new people and making friends! DRANKS!!


image2 (6)
Jess and I next to our seats. Thats right, that close to the field!









The night didn’t end there, Friday was my “rest day” so I didn’t have to worry about getting up and working out (though I did have to work) so NEXT BAR it was. We made our way toward our meeting point where Mr. Wonderful was going to pick us up but of course we had to stop off at Broadway Oyster Bar for a quick drink before we headed to White Castle. No we didn’t eat there and to be completely honest, I have never had it. Luckily we had a third accomplice who was easily convinced to take us to another bar on our way home. A few drinks and maybe some shots later we decide to continue on. We headed to my house and oopssss NEXT BAR. We stopped at a bar close to my house where karaoke might (totally did) happen. We shut down a 3am bar. Damn Friday was a rough fucking day BUT I didn’t have to work out cause I earned this!! WHOOT WHOOT!

Saturday was yet another accomplished work out day and thankfully so because I along with Jess, Richie and my friend Rachel had the mid-night showing to Rocky Horror Picture Show. In case you haven’t seen it, watch it cause you are missing out. This was double feature which meant there was a live version going on at the same time as the show. Richie, Rachel and I had all been to one if not more of these before but Jess- oh Jess was a virgin!

image1 (17)
All virgins received a lip stick V on their forehead before entering.

The show was great. It was very interactive and a friend who was part of the double feature got purposed to during the show (one of the scenes is a proposal and her boyfriend took advantage of it). Though I will admit, the late nights are not for my 35 year old ass any more. It took me multiple days to get back to normal.

Moral of this drunkerd story is, I worked hard and did what I was supposed too so I got to play even harder. Hard work does pay off one way or another 😉