As will all my weeks, this was yet another busy one. My beautiful grandmother hit her 85th birthday and what a day to celebrate! My family didn’t anticipate me coming into town so I conspired with my dad and decided to fly up for the weekend. I left Thursday night and was to come home Sunday EARLY. Knowing this fact, I had to get all of my workouts in and had hopes of working out over the weekend while I was home. Sometimes plans just don’t go accordingly. :/

It’s always really hard to work out when I’m back at my parents because I get pulled in every direction by my family and friends IF I have the time. Friday I was working from my parents house and was hoping to sneak off for a quick work out but it ended up being an awful day at work so sneaking off didn’t happen. After I was done with work (or so I thought), I got my workout clothes on and headed out the door. As I’m headed to the gym my brother calls to see if I would watch Jax (my youngest nephew) since he (my brother) and his 2 oldest boys were going out of town and Jax’s other brother (yes they have 5 boys) had farm chores to do and couldn’t watch him. Now this boy LOVES his Aunt Kate so how on earth can I say no to that.

image1 (9)
Love this turd to pieces!

So what do you do when you are watching a little boy and need to workout? You get creative! Why not use the kid to workout? I decided I would do a Tabada which basically means you have 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest for 8 rounds which is 4 minutes. I planned on doing a bunch of different movements to get my heart rate up and get moving. I had Jax jump on my back and proceeded to do air squats with a 40 pound weight on my back. I finished my first 4 minutes and was ready to move on to the next movement when my boss reached out to me for help. I rushed back to my parents to get back on my computer to finish up what she needed me to do. There is nothing worse than making a great effort to get something done and everything is against you. Welp, my workout for Friday was a 4 minute work out. Probably the shortest workout I have ever done and let me tell you, its aggravating as all hell though I cut my loss and chalked it up to a 4 minute workout was the best I can do for the day. As Forest Gump says- shit happens.

Because I’m not home often and I adore my sister-in-law (Brandi and I have been friends since junior high) we decided to have a girls night out Friday night. The oldest of my nephews was at his dads for the weekend, the second and third oldest where with my brother which just left the 4th and 5th youngest so we took full advantage of this. Logan being responsible and a great older brother babysat Jax while Brandi I went out. We stayed out a little too late and had a little too much fun and I don’t regret any of it! Saturday was rough!

A sneak peak of just a small bit of our night.

My plan was to get up and go for a run before my grandma’s party on Saturday however Saturday morning came REAL quick and I found it very hard to get out of bed. I pulled myself together and got ready but not for a workout but to talk to a bunch of people whom I wouldn’t remember but would remember me- people I hadn’t seen in almost 20 years. Being hung over and being social really don’t mesh BUT I did it and it was great to see people from my past and to get an opportunity to catch up. Not that I will talk to them for probably another span of years but none the less, it was good. (Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of the party as it was my cousin’s responsibility and he hasn’t given them out yet.)

By the end of the party (still had intentions of working out) I was asked by my Aunt and Uncle to come over to their house as they were having a gathering of people- they are always a good time, my brother and his girlfriend wanted me to stop by their place for a bit, and my old neighbor and best friend growing up also wanted to hang out so in order to prioritize this, I decided to skip my run and spend time with friends and family.

image1 (10)
My cousin and her adorable little girl.

I managed to see everyone PLUS some! Saturday was prom so all of the prom parents where out. Deanna (my old neighbor and best friend as a kid) and I went to the local bar and low and behold, it was packed. I got see yet a whole bunch more people that I went to high school with- old friends from my past who I had just lost connection with over the years. Caught up in the moment, I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I did manage a couple. Some High School friends from forever ago!

image1 (11)

image2 (2)

I believe I got home around 2:30 and my alarm was set for 5am so I could catch my flight. OMG the things I do to myself! #nottheworstdayeverbutclose

I know this is an extremely long post with a lot more pictures than normal but there is a moral to this story. With some things that I have going on in my life right now (things that don’t make the blog) it is really important to make time for people because you don’t know A. how much more time you might have with them B. you never know if that will be the last time you will ever see them C. if they meant something to you in the past, give them a piece of your right now because it is always good to reconnect and catch up. No I did not make my work out on Friday or Saturday (though to be honest, one of the days was technically a rest day anyway) but what I did do if fill my weekend with joy and happiness which equates to a fucking lot!