I did a little research on various food lifestyles (I don’t call them diets because that word has a negative connotation) and have decided to try my hand at fasting. Now I know what you are thinking right about now. You are probably thinking “you need to eat if you are training so much” or “this can’t be a healthy way to live, not eating.” I will be eating and I won’t be limiting myself to what I’m eating just how often I eat which in turn should mean that I will be in taking less. The body needs to burn through energy otherwise it turns into stored energy and just sits there and turns into fat. I don’t need that one damn bit.

I have decided that I will be doing a 16 hour per day fast with only an 8 hour time frame where calories can be consumed. Considering how hungry I am when I get home from work, I have decided to skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner. I will say this sort of saddens me because breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day but also I can use sleep time as part of that 16 hours so that makes it a little bit more doable. I guess I will be eating breakfast for dinner often.

For years now I have eaten a salad for lunch each day. The contents of the salad change weekly but the concept is always the same. Lunch to me is a meal that provides substance, it is not my favorite meal. A salad gets my veggies in and isn’t heavy. I try not to eat a heavy lunch because all I do is sit on my ass for work so the last thing I need to do is eat something that is just going to sit in my belly like a brick. Along with the fasting, I have decided to do a fruit and veggie smoothie for lunch. I purchased some super greens powder to mix into my smoothies. This will be my new salad for at least the next 30 days to see how I feel. Along with my smoothie, I will be doing an afternoon protein shake after my weight lifting session to feed my muscles. The nice thing about my powder is birthday cake flavored and I’m mixing it with milk so it taste like frosting. In case of a sweet tooth….boom I have it covered!

Like I mentioned last week, I need to make a few changes to pull me out of the funk that I am currently in.

I will keep you posted how this new food lifestyle works with my work outs, how I feel and how I feel my body feels. That is a confusing statement but anyone who feels like their body feels fluffy will understand. If you have never felt that way about yourself, I envy and loath you!

Update next week to come!