Well I had two options of how this week’s training was going to go and it wasn’t the option that I had really hoped for. My first workout back was a run and it was not an easy one. To be honest every workout I did this week was like it was my first week ever working out. After having to push it off several times, I had a much needed massage scheduled. I went for a swim right before and holy funking cramps! Again, rolling around on the side of the pool trying to stretch my calves and toes out looking like a fool. Thank fucking god I went straight to my massage. My wonderful therapist spent an hour on my calves and hamstrings and that wasn’t even close to enough time. She also informed me I need to start doing 90 minute massages going forward and I need to do more self care. So here goes. The first step is always the hardest. Acceptance…..

Dear overly exciting, busy and exhausting life of mine,

I need to let you know that we need to take a break for a bit. I love you more than anything and I love experiencing you and all your glory. Every day is a new adventure- good, bad or indifferent. Some days I wake up feeling refreshed, others I wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus but every day I wake up excited for what the rest of the day might hold. I have some serious things to focus on right now, I am hell bent on finishing this damn Ironman and the overly exciting part of you is sort of getting in the way of that. I need you to be more mellow and relaxed. I need you to be supportive in this and when all the fun things come up, I am going to have to say no more than I want to. I’m not saying no to ALL fun things but I need to choose wisely. As my training is ramping up, you need to be ramping down. I will ease you into this because we both know it is going to be a hard thing to do. Summer is here and this is the busiest time of year for us. This is really important to me and I honestly never want to go through this again so please have my back. When this is all over we will resume our craziness and we can do that in Peru to celebrate.

But for right now…..






Sincerely yours,