This week I did a really good job at sticking to my plan. Life got in the way a little bit but for the most part, I did what I was supposed to…..SLOW DOWN. Well until Thursday hit anyway. I had a networking ball game in one of the Cardnials suites so that meant all inclusive food and booze and best of all air conditioning! It was a fucking miserably hot day but when you rock a suite, that shit don’t matter!

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View from the suite

Wait! Let me back up to what I did that was good before I get into what happened the last half of the week. I did manage to get my running and biking in, though I will say that it has been a bit of a struggle getting my long rides done because I don’t really have anyone to ride with and riding for 4 hours by yourself is- well to be honest fucking god awful. It’s boring, it’s lonely and with the extreme heat that we have been having make for a lack of motivation to keep going.

I was fortunate to have a biking buddy this week, however he hadn’t been on his bike in probably a year and a half so we went slow and only made it about 2 hours 45 (I was supposed to do 4 hours) which is fine. I don’t want to kill one of the few people who will ride with me especially on his first outing. It was also a very hot day which seems to be the case every day as of late.

Monday and Tuesday I biked and ran but when I went to go swim on Wednesday the pool was packed. I don’t mind sharing a lane with someone but when you have multiple people per lane it just makes it really hard (all I read are excuses right now) to do what you need to do. With that being said, my swim didn’t happen. I ended up going over to Richie’s to cook out but this is where you might think I stayed out super late and got all sorts of drunk. Guess again my fine readers. I was at home by 9 pm and in bed by 10. I would say that was a fucking win! #WINNING

Then Thursday happened. This was the ball game day in case you lost track from the beginning of the post. I had all intentions of swimming afterward. I would go as far as saying overly ambitious intentions considering it was all-inclusive. I met so really awesome ladies while there. The drinks were refreshing, the company was enjoyable and the conversation was endless. Needless to say I left the game with lower intentions of swimming.

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I used to work downtown so in order to not have to pay for parking (because I’m SUPER cheap and refuse to pay $20 to park my car anywhere), I parked out front of my old building. It was a bit of a trek to the stadium but that also meant that I wasn’t gonna get stuck in all of the ballgame traffic leaving either.

I got back to my car around 4ish and decided to call up a friend of mine who works in that building to see if he wanted to meet me for drinks. At this point I had no intentions of swimming. Oh how fast that went out the window. It was a pleasant surprise to have multiple of my old co-workers come out and do a happy hour with me just like old times. I’m glad life got in the way this day because that was a good day!

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Friday I did my first long run in a long time, an hour 40 minutes. I actually wasn’t impressed with the distance I did but the run was sort of painful (my hamstrings really bothered me and yes I stretched before and after) so I guess I should be glad that I made it through it completely. I was so freaking tired after my run. I did manage to watch some of the ball game from the comforts of a sofa and was in bed fairly early. Saturday I had big plans of doing a bike race.

Saturday morning came and I was still so exhausted from my run that I decided I wanted to sleep in. I had to work both Saturday night and Sunday morning so if I were to sleep in, this would be my only opportunity to do so. Boy am I glad I did. It rained so hard and all morning long. A bike nor swim (I wasn’t about to go for another run considering) was going to happen so I spent all morning lounging on my sofa. OMG it was absolutely amazing!! I haven’t had the opportunity to do that in so long. I did manage an hour row before my shift at Winslow’s. Work was good. It was a fun party and I made good tips. All in all a good damn day!

Wonder what next week will bring?!?!