So I have been beating around the bush when it comes to my dad for the past couple of weeks but I think now is a good time to give more explanation.

I received a phone call from my mother on July 7th. Now mind you, my mom sends me an email when anything happens in her life. A phone call is extremely rare from her so when I do get one I worry not to mention she has had 4 surgeries in a matter of 2-3 months so when she called me on the morning Saturday July 7th I called her back instantly. I worried something had happened but I wasn’t prepared for the news I was about to receive.

She told me that my dad had been peeing blood and got to the point where he had to go but nothing would come out so he went to the doctor. The doctor did an ultrasound and saw that one of his kidneys was extremely enlarged and wanted him to go see an Urologist because they feared it was cancer. My heart sank at hearing that word. That fucking word….I had just lost a friend to cancer a couple months prior and one of my co-workers was fighting hard for his life from cancer but this was my dad. The first man I ever loved in my life and it would crush me to no end to lose him or to watch cancer take its ugly control like I had watched with some others knowing what it had done to them.

I contribute this news to why my triathlon was so awful for me on the 8th. I wasn’t in any kind of mental state to focus on it and I was in a horrible mood but finish I did regardless of this information. He had made his appointment with the Urologist for the following Wednesday for further testing. The wait was torture.

I was doing a group ride the day of his appointment so when I was finished I called him. He told me that they confirmed it was cancer and it needed to come out but the good news was it didn’t look like it had spread anywhere else so the surgery should hopefully get it all. They were waiting on a date of when the surgery was going to happen and would keep me in the loop.

His surgery was scheduled for July 24th- 4 days before my next triathlon and I needed it to go well for many reasons. I was sick of the waiting game. Wondering what will happen. If they will get it all. If he will have to continue down this road and do therapy. So many thoughts went through my head. I was worried sick about this man.

Surgery day came and everything went well. The kidney was larger than they had anticipated but the cancer was still contained within so that is great news. I will take him having a longer recovery time due to a more invasive surgery than having to deal with him going through treatment. I asked my mom for pictures of my dad while he was in the hospital. Here is what I got….

image2 (22)

I instantly texted her and asked for a picture where he didn’t so….questionable. I needed a little more life in him.

image1 (34)

Though this is fuzzy, he has a smile and his eyes are open so I will take it. ❤ this man!

I went home the weekend of August 3-6th. My intention was to go to an all weekend music festival in my hometown but since my pa was going to be home (he was supposed to be traveling originally) I decided family was more important. I spent the weekend hanging with my family and it was an amazing time. I also got see a bunch of people from high school that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Long story short, don’t take the time you have with the one you love for granted. You never know when they might be ripped from life. Also tell those people how much you love them. You always want the last words you say to someone to be along the lines of how much you love and appreciate them.