I will preface this post with it will be a lot of crossfity things.

Even though I had a great race last weekend, I decided it would be best for me to step away from my training program to do a much needed mental reset. I decided to do a couple of weeks of crossfit to do this. I hadn’t done crossfit since February and I wasn’t even consistent at that time so I was really excited to get back to it. I loved crossfit when I did it and was pretty competitive so I needed to remember that I was supplementing my workout and not to kill myself.

I had bought a 10 class pass at the gym I was going to when I started training so here was my opportunity to finally use them or so I thought. When I bought them I was never told that they would expire in 2 months. Great just fucking great. Those passes cost me $160 and I potentially would have spend more money to get another 10 class pass. I did some fenegaling to try and recoup my passes. SUCCESS! The owner took pity on me and allowed me to come to the gym for the 2 weeks that I was hoping to do crossfit.

Oh how I missed Crossfit and can’t WAIT to get back to it when this is all said and done. With work being so extremely busy and with me putting in really long days, I knew I had to get up for the 5am class. Tuesday, my first class back I was welcomed back by some familiar and friendly faces. My first class back was a bunch of dumbbell movements. I had been lifting weights but hadn’t done dumbbell work since I was doing CF so I knew I would be sore. We did bench press and push-ups then our WOD was DB hang clean and jerks with burpees.



Wednesday I was sore and 4:30am came super quick but I managed to get up anyway.  The WOD was 3 rounds of 25 calorie row, 35 wall balls (for some reason I did 37) and 12 alternating front rack lunges. Mid work out I felt tightness in my legs. This was gonna be brutally awful in about 24 hours and oh how right I was on this.


Since I had gotten my new bike seat, I had planned on doing CF Thursday morning and riding an hour on my bike that night but when Thursday 4:30am came I could barely move. My legs hurt so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to the bathroom. If only my useless dogs could drag me out of bed and to the bathroom but instead I would have to drag myself.

I decided that I should not do CF but I would still do my ride as a way to flush my legs out from the morning before workout. Since I had worked until 10:30pm the night before, I told my boss that I needed to leave at 4pm (on time) so I could do a bike ride. All day at work I waddled around like I was 90 years old. If I sat to long my legs tightened up. If I stood to long, my legs stoved up. Going up and down the stairs was complete torture but the worst of it was sitting down on the toilet. You know you are fucking sore when the simple task of peeing is dreaded because you don’t want to have to feel the pain of sitting down. My ride was going to be a rough one!

I got on my bike and whoa were my legs heavy. It was like I was riding up a hill against the wind. I managed to make it the whole hour and my legs did lighten up as I went but they were still very sore.

Friday I was even sorer than the day before so no working out for me. It wasn’t a matter of me deciding if I wanted to or didn’t want to work out. I just couldn’t work out because I couldn’t fucking move! Though it hurt so bad it hurt so good and I was happy to be that sore. I hadn’t been that sore in a very very long time. I would work out Saturday.