I’m not going to lie (why would I start now), I haven’t had much motivation to work out since after my Ironman. I dread it actually and make every excuse why I can’t get up in the morning and that I will try to leave work early to go to class. Then it seems like work never ends going into the night. I end up getting home late and past the last class time. On top of that, I am too tired to get on  my bike when I get home plus there is always more work that needs to be done.

Every day telling myself that I WILL get up tomorrow morning. Funny enough, tomorrow doesn’t come very often. I’ve been managing about 2 times a week for probably  45 minutes of actual work each time. I feel my body changing but not for the better. Again, not saying I’m fat. I just don’t feel good in MY skin. I’m sure everyone (or damn well close to that) can relate to this. Sometimes you skin feels thick and in those times if feels jiggly. Jiggly isn’t a great feeling. When your skin feels thin, the jiggle isn’t there.

I knew the holidays would be hard and it was actually better than I would have expected however that doesn’t make what I’m feeling a good feel. I had every intention of working out while traveling and nothing happened. I looked in the mirror the other day and I’m not happy.

So as I read and read this post, I hear nothing but negative things so I’m going to turn it around a bit.

My body could still be in recovery mode (things do hurt now that didn’t before) so that is one reason it is so hard to get back into working out.

Jiggly? That is everyone who lives in cooler climates. Our body’s decide it is a good idea to put on an extra layer. I think its bullshit but I deal with it.