I have never been on the end of being Santa Claus delivering presents and whatnot ever until this year. I had the distinct pleasure of being part of what Santa Clause does. Mind you I posting this because A. Very few people read this and 2. A good portion of my family doesn’t read this (aka- my nephews) so they will never know. Disclaimer, everyone but Jax knows Santa doesn’t exists.

I knew work went into this but there is more work than what I thought. To be fair, she does have 5 kids so there is a little more work than the normal 2.5 kids in a family. Brandi stuffed the stockings and once all were stuffed, I un-stuffed them to make sure they were correct. They weren’t all correct so some things go shifted.

Presents upon presents had to be wrapped. My mom is the best present wrapper so I learned from the best. I actually enjoy wrapping presents in moderation so I rocked those gifts for Santa. Once everything was in place then came the next Santa duty….the cookies and milk. Jaxon worked so hard on making cookies for Santa that it would have been a shame to not eat them. I took one for the team and ate 3 cookies though I wasn’t interested in the milk.

Christmas morning was another first for me. I got to witness the excitement of Christmas morning from a child’s perspective. It was fun and heart warming to see what that looks like from the outside. I remember how exciting it was as a kid so to see it was such an amazing experience. On top of that, I was there when they got to open their presents. This has probably been one of the best Christmas that I’ve had in a really long time.


This little guy decided that the boxes were more fun to play with his “dog cousin” than his own presents. ❤