Yesterday was JD’s birthday and also my company holiday party so there was a double celebration that happened and late into the night with lots of drinks drank. This morning was a little rough to get up and going. Lots of coffee (I don’t even drink coffee but today was one of those days) and some good food was needed. We decided it would be a good day to eat a Cuban and start this competition. The closest location to us was the Gramophone. I will say, they have pretty great sandwiches in general (https://www.gramophonestl.com/menu/).

We bought a whole to share with a side of their homemade slaw and chips. We decided that we would try and get slaw with every sandwich if it is offered to compare the slaw as well. Now to judging.

Price: This shared sandwich was $11. This was pricing for just a sandwich, sides are additional. It wasn’t so big that one person couldn’t eat it, we just didn’t want to buy two at this price so we shared it.

Bread: The sandwich was on ciabatta that was pressed like a panini. The outside was not greasy (think about a grilled cheese and the butter on the outside- it wasn’t like that). The bread to crust ratio was off. It was more crust than airy bread which took away from the sandwich.

Meat: It could have used more roasted pork, the bites with this meat were the best. The bacon was a very nice added flavor and crunch. There was a good amount of ham.

Sauce: The sauce was best part. Though I could have used a little bit more, but the flavor was amazing.

There could have been a bit more pickles on the sandwich as well. You didn’t get a good pickle to meat ratio in every bite.

The slaw: This was a vinegar slaw. All the ingredients were super fresh. JD really liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. It was good but I felt like it needed something a little more.

I do want to say, this was one sandwich that I’m reviewing of this place. I think they are a great sandwich place and will continue to eat there.