In my pursuit of the best Cuban sandwich in St Louis, JD and I just happened upon a place that served one that we didn’t have on our list. We had stopped at City Park Grill for dinner before we went out for New Years and noticed they had a Cuban sandwich on their menu. Since we were doing this we decided why the fuck not?

the havana cpg

Let’s break this bitch down!

Price: The sandwich came with a side (I recommend the sweet potato chips) for $9.95. This was the prefect sized sandwich for one but we each got our own sandwich and shared so that we could both judge the Havana.

Bread: The sandwich is on a toasted hoagie. The bread was soggy almost like it had au jus drizzled on it.  We both agreed that this was a better option than the Havana at the Gramophone (aka- better bread to meat ratio). I felt that it would have been better more toasted but JD loved the soggy bread.

Meat: The braised pork was super juicy and very flavorful.  The ham was lacking a bit as there wasn’t much on the sandwich. No bacon which would have added a level of crunch and dimension.

Sauce: The sauce was great. They claimed it was a honey mustard but it wasn’t very sweet. It actually had just the right bite of mustard.

There could have been more pickle (we actually added more) and a bit more cheese.

We both agreed that this was a better sandwich than the Gramaphone so we gave it a score of 3.5.

Sorry no pictures. We ate too fast.