I have two amazing dogs that are very loved by all. You are probably asking yourself, then why in the hell did you get another one? Legit question. I will get to that.

Jasper who was JD’s dog but has turned into my pal due to his work schedule. Otis was an addition to my parents before my dad’s dog died so he could be my dad’s dog. Unfortunately my mom HATED Otis so JD and I decided to take him on. He is a funny dog. Great personality, loves toys and love Jasper but as with all little dogs, doesn’t follow rules or commands. He gets away with everything.

I have had an itch for a new dog for a bit now. I have went to the Human Society, put in applications at Stray Rescue, looked at Helping Strays and looked on Craigslist. JD and I have talked about various breeds, ages, and avenues to get a new dog. The energy in the house is good so we need to make sure that we have the right fit and hopefully not turn the lives of our dogs upside down.

I went to Craigstlist and searched the various puppies and dogs that were out there. I found a post for a white boarder collie which isn’t something I had seen before. A puppy that needed a good home and a better fit for her. I haven’t had a female dog since I was a kid on the farm. I have always felt that the male dogs made better pets but knew female dogs made better guard dogs. Since both Otis and Jasper are mama’s boys, we decided to get a female dog. We went and looked at Penny (her name was Izzy with the previous owner). We both fell in love with her personality. She is super sweet but had LOTS of energy. Probably more energy than our household needed.

After about 4 hours we let the previous owner know that we wanted her. When I went to get her, they cried and love on her so I know they truly did love her and wanted the best for her. I sent pictures and videos of her to them. Within the first few hours of having her I sensed that she was deaf or really dumb. We noticed that she didn’t hear things.

After spending time with her, we realized she was deaf. Just fucking great! Let’s begin the training process. Ok sign language it is. Gentle touch to say no. Eye contact is key. Since she is border collie, lots of walks. However she is scared as shit of the walk so Jasper is on Penny duty. I have recruited him though the walks are good for him too.

So the reason we got another dog….. Jasper had knee surgery a year ago. His recovery was a success except now he is having issues with his non surgeried leg. He is 11 this year and isn’t getting any younger. I wanted him to train the new dog because let’s be honest, Otis doesn’t have any manners and I sure as shit don’t want him training anything.

This is going to be a LOT of work but I think she will make a great addition to my little family.

image1 (41)
This is how she sleeps.


image2 (28)
Siblings united