My dad is one of the most amazing men I know. He was also the first man I ever fell in love with and not in a creepy sort of way. When I made that comment in front of JD, he looked at me and said that was so weird and I should not say that out loud. Well guess what? I just fucking said it! As a little girl no one could compare to him. We used to sit in our undies and watch movies and eat popcorn. When I got to old for that we would have date nights and go to the movies instead.

One of my favorite movie outings is when we went to see Free Willy (god this sounds like a porn now that I’m older). The first thing that happened was we dumped the popcorn. At $15 for a bucket, the little kernels of buttery goodness cost about 10 cents per kernel (no one will probably get this except for my dad). He then shed a tear for the whale that was freed during this movie. It was sweet and enduring all in the same. Movies were definitely something we shared a love for except for 100 Thousands Leagues under the sea- fuck that movie. Its trash.


My dad is also one of the hardest working people I know. He taught me (I think I’m the only kid this stuck with) about the importance of money and how to manage it. I make sure my credit score is top notch because of what he told me as a kid. I have never seen him do anything half ass so therefore nor do I. I might not finish first but I always give my all and do my best and damn it, I always finish!

Over the years he got involved with the Soil and Water Conservation (BTW he is a farmer and I grew up on the farm that he grew up on that he still farms today). He started off just volunteering on the side and worked his way up to the point where he was sworn in as the President for the NACD on February 5th 2019. An experience that I couldn’t be more proud of my dad and to be called his daughter. I love working a crowd with him. The energy he brings to a room, people are drawn to him, the conversation he creates is truly amazing to witness, sit back and watch or be a part of.

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My family was all there to be part of the experience. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring to him and his passion. I know he was the best man for the job!

Way to go dad!! We love, look up to, cherish, value and respect the shit out of you!!