Huh? Why the hell not to what??, you might be thinking. Let me explain.

After training for and competing in the Ironman Louisville back in 2018, I just had no drive to work out that hard if at all. The last thing I did competitively was a 5k run a few months back and it wasn’t really a competition though more like a chilly fun run that concluded with breakfast and drinks. Seriously, no joke. I really don’t like this aspect as of late and knew I needed to turn things around.

Back in February of this year, I thought to myself, I need a challenge for my upcoming 40th birthday. A girlfriend of mine, who lives in California, started blogging about training for a bikini competition. This made me think back to 2014/2015 when I was really into crossfit and had another girlfriend of mine, also from California (not the same person), who competed in bodybuilding events. At that time I was super intrigued at this and thought about doing it back then. Well life happened and that idea came and went, until now.

That was it! I’m going to train for a bikini competition. The working out part wouldn’t be issue. I should say for me as I’m sure JD probably has a very different opnion. The issue is going to be the discipline in food consumption and NO BOOZE!!! Well I think you actually get A drink PER week. FML😩 No for real, it will be hard but fine.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend my big 4-0 in San Juan, PR for a week with my parents. Knowing this was a trip that I was NOT going to be on a diet on, I set a firm date of 8/1. I officially have a coach. I can’t complete my profile info until I take pictures and upload. I don’t have a two piece swim suite so I have one on its way!

What does JD think about this? That is a really good question!

I, for some reason, have a really good knack of complicating our lives. Good thing we are married. LOL. We are still working on the rental which is a huge time suck and JD is in the middle of a big work project that he is super stressed about. Why not throw in counting calories, slowing starving ourselves, working out at least for 60 minutes each day all the while not being able to drink. Sounds like a grand idea Katie!

As I’m writing this, he has every reason to be very upset with me for doing this. However, he’s known me for a very long time and this is, well, me. He has accepted that fact a long time ago. He might not be super thrilled about doing this with me though he is always up for a good challenge and one he doesn’t like being left behind on- aka, getting buff and strong.

With all that said- LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN!!

Post Script: As I had done for the Ironman, I will write a weekly post. I’m sure there will be interesting weeks and very dull weeks so just hang in there with me!