As I am still awaiting my programming from my coach, I took it upon myself to start the shift in food and booze on my own. God forbid I just go straight cold turkey on both!

I have allowed myself 1600 calories per day which comprises of achieving macros of 180g carbs, 27g fat and 160g protein. I will say that eating enough to cover the 1600 calories, its the finding the right balance to hit all of the other numbers that is the hard part. I inevitably go over my fat by like a lot and seem to be way under on carbs by like a lot. I have been at eating over 75% of the protiens I need but still. Also, counting numbers and food journaling is the worst though a necessary evil. I have found that dinner is the hardest to document as we typically cook dinner and without macros in mind.

Knowing that the program requires 5 days of 60 minute lifting each day, I have been trying to incorporate longer lifting sessions (I usually do a 30 minute cardio warm up then lift for 30 minutes). It so bums me out the number of calories I burn in a lifting work out. Now I do realize that muscles take energy to repair and I’m essentially tearing the crap out of my muscles though it is something that I will need to get over. And looking at most 7.5 hours a week working out, I will take that any day over the 25 hours per week I had to train for my Ironman. Yes, you read this correctly.

I’m not gonna lie, not being fully on a program yet I did have drinks though not nearly to the extent of what I typically consume on a daily/weekly bases. My doctor will be happy to hear that! I submitted my initial pictures today. My goodness I hate posting them but will have to do it as a comparison.

My posing could use a LOT of work. LOL

Current weight in these photos is 133 lbs. Didn’t measure anything else as it wasn’t required.