Finially (I say this like I waited a decade for the information when in reality it was literaly 4 business days) I recieved my program info on the 9th. Of course I couldn’t hit the ground running because well, I needed to go grocery shopping. Here is my current intake for the next two week. First week will be high carbs/low fat and the second week will be high fat and low carbs. My coach is trying to gage what works best. Yes, I will have to track my sodium and potassium intake (never in my life).

Calories……………………… 1550
Protein……………………….. 130g. (stays consistant over the two weeks)
Carbs (Low Carb Week)..  113g.
Carbs (High Carb Week).. 172g.
Fiber…………………………… 25g.
Fat (Low Carb Week)……. 69g.
Fat (High Carb Week)…… 43g.
Sodium……………………….. 1500-2000mg
Potassium……………………. 3500-5000mg+mg.
Water………………………….. 1gal/day
Alcohol……………………….. none yet (hoping she can add this back in!)

I have some vitamines that she has included into my regimin (magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, etc.).

Since I didn’t get the information until Tuesday (8/9) this all started on 8/10. Same day ordered instatcart (yes sometimes I pay to have my groceries picked and delivered) since I just plainly didn’t want to go to the store. No shame people, you have done it also. Think of COVID! I was supposed to start my work out also on the 8/9 however, since I just recieved everything, I opted to push it back one day so I can start everything together.

So what does that mean exactly….so many things! One last day of booze and eating through the shit ton of food we bought waiting for this program to come through. Now 80% of the food is veggies though not the type of veggies needed (aka- not fibrous veggies). I bought a big container of cottage cheese and I can’t even eat it as I am on a gluten and dairy free meal plan.

In my “normal” life, I eat the crap (well more so gluten than dairy) these things. The reson for the gluten and dairy free meal plan is because I’ve been having some GI issues for a while now. Didn’t really pay attention to it until COVID hit and there was a lack of toilet paper so I knew I had to do something. I will say, 2 full days in (I’m writing this on Friday 8/12 and I started the meal plan Wednesday 8/10) and I am not having the previously known GI problems so that is a step in the right direction as sad as it might be for the loss.

My coach only gave me 2 days worth of food prep and technically that is one day for each week. The first week I’m on high carbs and low fat. What does that look like as far as meals go? Well let me show you! To get a good baseline of what this diet looks like for me from a consumption, ratio and understanding of the foods, I have decided to eat essentially the same meals each day with minor variations so the pictures below are the first day though each day is very similar.

Meal 1- 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 4 oz of blackberries, and cream of rice

Meal 2- 4oz chicken breast, 2/3c brown rice, 1c fibrous veggies (I did cooked carrots and red onion) and 3tbsp of Avocado Salasa (it calls for raw avocado this is what I had and it has good ingredients so….).

Meal 3- Lettuce wrapped salmon burger, 1/4″ tomato slice, 1/2tbsp of no salt added ketchup and yellow mustard, 1c fibrous veggie (here I did raw radish), and a sweet baked potato (plain).

Meal 4- Essentially a repeat of meal 2 though instead of carrots and onions, I did sauteed tomatos. It was actually pretty tasty!

As a person familiar to lifting heavier weights, mad amounts of cardio and fast paced workouts (yoga kills me how slow it is and how I don’t “sweat”), I’m really having to shift my thought process. My workouts thus far are more slow controlled bodyweight movements. Since some of the movements are new to me, I have opted to do lighter weight to understand the movements and where I should be feeling it in my body. I will say after only 2 days of “lifting”, I’m sore AF (that stand for as fuck for those of you who didn’t know that).

The not drinking hasn’t been an issue for me (2 full days in but a win is a win) yet. I was able to get around drinking during the iron man because I wasn’t looking for as certain boby “look” just needed to be fit and dumb enough to finish. This competition on the other hand is more about the look so with that in mind, it is a bit easier to say no.

You might be wondering if JD is joining me on this expedition and yes to an extent. He won’t count is calories/macros persay but will be eating the same foods as me and doing the workouts with me. Caveat to that, I’m currently making him eat through all of the food we purchased before I received my program so he is taking that like a champ (and when I say that, he’s super happy he is eating this vs what I am for the time being). He did join me for my lifting session the second day and complained a lot the entire time. LOL. He hasn’t worked out in a VERY long time so I know once he starts seeing results, he will be fully on board.

I won’t be posting composition pictures every week only the weeks that I have my check-in so look for those the week of the 22nd. For my weight this week, I have been pretty consistant around 132-133 each day. I’m not supposed to pay attention to the number though I am required to weigh in each day. I did not do measurements when I took my initial pictures though I did do them for something else so these measurements are from that from about a week or two ago.
Waist 31.5″
Hip 35.5″
Bust 34″

Bring on week 3!